Jean Swings Review

Review: February 24, 2010, by Steve
Jean Swings

Jean Swing is an amateur husband and wife site started all the way back in 1999 and still going strong today! Jean and Wayne started swinging all the way back in 1994 and 5 years later they both decided they would like to make a website of their adventures. They are still swinging as wildly as ever and are now amongst the most experienced swingers that you will find on any adult site.


Overall rating8.3

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There is a pretty mighty collection of 279 photo/image galleries and 141 videos on board this site. Oh, and all the videos have video screenshot sets too. There was no precise update information or schedule here though so how often they update is unclear. For an amateur site, the site was actually set out and organised pretty well despite the aforementioned lapse. As well as a great bio about Jean and Wayne (her other half), the photo galleries were really well categorised and her diary was really good too if you like to keep in close contact with what she is up to. Why no such categories on the videos though? Such a large collection would have benefited from them.

The video options here were pretty good but the video pages were actually quite poorly laid out, mainly because the thumbnails and details were so difficult to decipher. On the newer videos though you will find that pretty much all the options, streaming including, are .WMV format with a highest resolution of 640x480px and can be downloaded in Ipod formatted clips. Many videos though only come in at 320x240px, and some come .RM and .MPG formats. Photos were usually sized at a healthy enough 853x1280px but did not come in .ZIP files.

Jean and Wayne actually started their naughty internet adventures all the way back in 1994, so what they don't know about online naughtiness probably isn't worth knowing! certainly has the feel of a site that has had over 10 years work put into it, but I just wonder if the full archive from that period is actually here? If it had been, I would have expected the content count to be higher. Nonetheless, this site successfully documents the full range of sexual exploits that the couple have been up to over the years.

Although her fantasies may involve being fucked in turn by several black guys according to her biography, she finds plenty of time also for lesbian action too and I found some really great scenes and galleries in that category. What should not be forgotten is that Jean is one fine looking woman and when she gives herself the chance to do some solo glamour, she pulls it off really well. It's there for everyone to see though that the group sex stuff is what she enjoys most.


Jean is a site that almost makes me feel warm inside. In a current porn site climate where sites are disappearing and appearing at a dizzying rate, it's great to see a site still chugging along after over a decade and producing high quality amateur content. Produced now with complete self-assurance but with just enough charming amateurism at times, this is the site of a couple that certainly are not running out of steam. I'd wager this will still be around in 2020 - and that would be a good thing.

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