Joeys Babes Review

Review: June 5, 2007, by Gabrio
Joeys Babes

Today it's a funny (why I don't know yet but I know that it's gonna be....) and sunny day and it seems to be the perfect day for babes as well! And for this reason I have found which features nice hotties such as Annetta Keys, Ashley Robbins and many others....these girls are way very sexy so I am asking myself whether in the members area there will be hot material, well there is only one way to find that out!!


Overall rating7.5

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The login button for the members area is located at the very bottom of the page and when you get inside everything looks pretty well organized if you ask the top there are the main links which are: Search, Your Favorites, Members Favorites, Members News, DVD Archives, Joey's Archive, My Babes Pictures, My Babes Videos and Football Babes which is basically a sort of bonus area where you have girls that wear soccer outfits and stuff like that.

I have decided to give a go at the Search link and I have tried couple of searches "boots", "heels", "anna" but none of those brought up anything so the search function did not make me too happy. Next I moved to Members Favorites and in that section you have the Top Rated Stars and of course I have jumped without thinking twice to Annetta Keys' page since she is one of my fav internet babes.

They call her "Anita Flower" for some reason but I know for good that she's Annetta Keys....I clicked her Video page and in the first page you have one screen shot with her and then in the lower part you have a drop down menu which lets you rate the scene and then you have a few other images which are for babes that have been checked out by the other members anyway let's check out this hot brunette. I was thinking to be sent to another page when clicking the screen shot of the video but instead that one is directly linked to the .wmv file and within a few moments Windows Media Player opened right away.

The quality of the video is not VERY high in my opinion and when it comes to the download speed, I got around 450 k/sec which is fine. I headed back to the main page of the site and I clicked My Babes Pictures since I wanted to see the full list of photo galleries: there are just 4 pages with updates and each page has 15 galleries so in the end you have more or less 55 sets which is not that bad; all the galleries have the same exact lights when it comes to the photography and same goes for the videos.


The girls you find inside the members area of Joeys look pretty good however the quality of the video clips in my opinion isn't the best on earth if you watch in full screen and they were not playing very smooth when I watched them in streaming. On the other hand the photo galleries look great, big clear thumbnails and the full sized images are perfect, great details and depth of field is superb and you also have .zip downloads.

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