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Review: April 11, 2011
Jp Teacher is the place to be if you like Japanese hotties with a bit of authoritative sexiness on their side. These Japanese teachers may or may not be MILFs in all cases but you can be certain that they are all hot. Members can expect plenty of videos and some images to match the scenes. The bonus material that comes with the site is actually incredible and makes subscription here very tempting indeed.


Overall rating8

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Jp stands for Japanese Teacher and boy do I wish that my teachers in the States were this hot when I was in school. If they were, surely I would have gotten straight F's since I would have been paying attention to their hot bodies rather than the lessons at hand.

This site lets you live vicariously through a ton of extremely lucky Japanese dudes who are going to have their ways with the sexy teachers, or in some cases, the teachers will have their ways with them! Talk about detention that's worth getting in big trouble for.

One word to the wise to any of you who might not be very familiar with the beauty of Japanese porn before we continue that you should know about. Japanese porn is usually censored with mosaic type scrambling which does blur out erections and the girls' pink. Most of the videos will have this censoring but keep in mind that the Japanese make up for these limitation by pushing their own and are creative which makes for a very cool experience if you appreciate it like I do. You'll see what I mean by looking closely at the tours screencaps.

In the members area, you will get access to 170 videos at the time of this review. They can be streamed instantly in flash format or downloaded in either low, medium, and high qualities. The lower forms are mpeg format which run a little small but the high format runs in avi and looks pretty good at 720x544 with a bitrate around 3000kb/sec.

Image galleries, which can be downloaded in zip files, are pretty much all screenshots and aren't too impressive to be honest and are the only sites real fault. Images open up at around 848x480 generally. But this fault is made up for 10 fold if you ask me.

The bonus material that you get for free with the site is really, really good. You get a network of 22 sites which are all authentic Japanese sites covering different niches like bukakke, cosplay, shaved, and much more. The network gives you about 8000 videos alone and it gets better after that. You also get almost 3000 real Japanese DVDs online which are a hard find and are really great to have access to.


Jp Teacher is a solid site. You might come for the hot teachers but you'll stay for all the awesome bonus sites. By itself, the site's already good with a nice amount of video and a good niche with the whole hot slutty teacher aspect, but the bonuses just make it shine so bright. The addition of the DVDs makes the asking price well worth it alone. The pictures are the only real let down to the site but other than that, its perfect if you happen to like Japanese porn.

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