Just 18 Mobile Review

Review: June 17, 2011, by daniels
Just 18 Mobile

In their prime, they can be some of the most gorgeous women around, and for your pleasure, the women at m.Just18.com know what it means to be hot, sexy and available. They love being sexy, they love giving hot videos for their loyal, paying members, and by the conclusion of what we're reviewing on them, you should be able to determine what these cute teens can personally offer you. Your cock will be happy with this amazing content.


Overall rating7.3

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When you enter their mobile site, you get to see picture previews of the women performing in those particular videos. You get to see all the amazing hot action they describe, and if you want to personally get to enjoy all of it, all you have to do is subscribe to their membership. The site has a simple to navigate and you won't soon get lost. Trying to watch the full video on their tour page will ultimately just lead you to their membership purchase screen.

After logging into the members' mobile area, you get to see a simple, clean list of all the different women in videos you are able to watch. No photo galleries exist, so you will have to make do with the videos they list. We had some difficulties trying to access the website's videos. It may not be the case on all mobile devices. You can sort by newest update, and ultimately contact support if anyone should have problems with this particular website. We weren't able to get any particular videos to load, but if they did from times past, we knew they were 176x144 resolutions.

No photographs exist for this website. It's really unfortunate, especially since these websites are designed for mobile devices. You'd think they'd have these things designed for their target audience in mind. It's disappointing to not have some prime content for those on the go. It'll hopefully be sorted out in the future, but for now, we have to be upset at this complete lack of content, especially in the modern age where photographs aren't even the most advanced form of adult entertainment.

Updates seem to be once per week. A flash player might exist, but the video loader did not work for us on either our mobile devices or our laptops, so we really can't tell you much about whether the flash player works or not. Bonus sites do not seem to be available, so you will have to make do simply with the mobile-quality videos Just18 makes available for you. You'd think they would join another network to help add additional content.


If you enjoy hot, beautiful teens, this site could potentially be for you. M.Just18.com has a number of videos for you to download, albeit with some technical difficulties. We really don't know if there can be a recommendation here. Weekly content is good, as is mobile access, but difficulties downloading, no photos and other problems with content quantity, makes us feeling a little empty. You can definitely wait for a while before checking back on these guys.

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