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Review: August 21, 2009, by Steve

Kathy Ash is a sexy blonde amateur and this is her official website where her equally sexy friend takes all her pictures and videos. Beautiful and curvy, Kathy likes posing outdoors in some naughty underwear but also loves to show off a little bit more when she's in the safety of her own home! If you are tempted to log in and see her, you'll get access to a lot of her sexy girlfriends and their collections too.

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Overall rating6.5

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KathyAsh now has a pretty large collection of content available for you to view - 112 photo galleries and 27 videos, all of which are exclusively shot here and you won't see them anywhere else. It was less easy though to find out how often they update this site plus there wasn't a whole host of stuff on the free tour for you to enjoy either.

The photo galleries can be downloaded in .ZIP files and all images can be viewed in three different sizes, the highest quality of which were 1280x1024px. The videos here were available to stream or download, with both options playing in .WMV format. There are HD videos here as well with these playing at a smart 1280x720px. Download speeds were extremely good at times.

The quality of the videos and the photos isn't quite matched up to by the general quality of the layout and navigation of this site. There is very little of Karen's personality exerted on the site, instead just being a pretty simple list of her content and not much more than that. There are no descriptions with any of the thumbnails and as mentioned before, no dates either. All of the bonus sets are easy to access though.

This is a shame though because I think the appeal of a really good solo site is that the lady herself is seen to be personally contributing something other than just content. This feels like a dumping ground for all of her content and nothing more, with no live shows or anything like that. KathyAsh.com is rescued by the fact that its model is so cute that you can't resist regardless of her site's downsides.

There is certainly no doubting how hot this girl is. She is stunning. Her content is never anything that is going to stretch your imagination (nor does it stretch hers, I would suggest) but lots of really sexy underwear and lingerie, some seductive stripping, and some moments of kinky role-playing keep the site bouncing nicely. Lots of non-nude content here means that this is really a softcore site - there is rarely anything naughtier than topless shots.


Kathy Ash.com is really just a sub-section of Kathy's Bitches (which you get full access to) rather than a proper site on its own, and that's why it lacks the feel of a proper solo girl site. The site is redeemed after this though by having an exceptionally cute model who is hard to resist and some impressive high definition videos that I personally wouldn't have expected. More of a personal touch would be very welcome though.

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