Lane Sisters Review

Review: December 21, 2012
Lane Sisters

Lane Sisters at features the Canadian fraternal twin sister duo of Shana and Roxy Lane. The sisters document their wild sexual and personal lifestyle on the site, as they explore and expand their fun and crazy sexual boundaries. The site might best be described as somewhat gonzo-style glimpses into the Lane Sisters sex lives, with some personal peeks mixed in for more fun. The site has some nice content but I found the layout a little annoying, and it made it hard to know if I was finding all the content available.


Overall rating7

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The Lane Sisters ( are tight-bodied brunette twins from Canada. Their petite, athleticism reminds me of Jenna Haze... small-breasted, tight, and toned. They sound French-Canadian... les belles Quebecois! As a bonus, the site includes guests, including a Tera Patrick cameo.

The site is based around video content organized into full-length "episodes." Each is based around a theme/story. Both sisters are usually involved, but occasionally, you'll see them alone or with a guest.

These girls are attractive, fantastic performers. Their sexual energy seems genuine and I get the sense that they enjoy what they do. There are no fake porno moans here; it's all authentic. I think these girls would be doing this whether or not they had a website.

I counted a total of 59 episodes/videos, and they update once a week. The episodes are fun...not just sex, but themes and real-life glimpses are given. If you like build-up to the sex, there is a lot of that. Video quality is high and may be downloaded in MP4 and WMV formats. Videos stream at a max resolution of 1280x720, and download up to 1920x1080.

A bonus is the live shows that the sisters hold. It appears that these are scheduled once/month, but the sisters are also available via webcam on occasion. These appearances are announced on the site, but they appear to be haphazard in their reliability.

One thing I wasn't thrilled with was the way that the site is laid out. There is a useless side bar. However, the real pain is the way that the site organizes its content. It's flashy and looks cool at first glance, but when you want to quickly figure out what to do here, there's not much in the way of easy-to-understand navigational tools. You kind of have to stumble around a bit. Also, the recorded content is all video... I couldn't find any high-res downloadable picture sets. There are picture previews of the episodes, but they link right to video previews.

Amount of content: 59 videos
Update frequency: 1 new video episode per week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080(HD)
Video types: wmv and mp4
Photo resolution: not applicable
Available for mobile: No


A little tough to navigate, but if you're looking for twin sister action, provides pretty good stuff. The unpredictable, fun energy these two bring to the site makes this a good place for a mix of light-heartedness and hardcore sex. The live shows are a nice bonus. I'm not 100% sold on price versus amount of content, but if you like the looks of these twins, the quality of content is pretty high. If you're into tight brunettes, or twins, check it out these twins!

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