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Review: October 13, 2008, by Gabrio

I have always had a passion for latin girls, I can't exactly tell you why, maybe because of the very dark hair or the deep eyes and on this site you are going to find only sexy dark haired girls. The site's name is LatinaDiamonds and it tells you that the content inside will be indeed very precious and unique, like a diamond. Keep on reading below and let's see what they have done for us today.

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If you fancy going at Tiffany's you really want a diamond while instead if you just want to see a very special latin girl you can enter this website....Entering the protected zone is quite easy, the Members area Entrance is located at the bottom of the page to the left, yellow link and once you are inside you will see a pretty large members area with black background.

At the top of the page we have several tags that are used for moving around the different sections, bonus sites and so on however since you want to know where the main content is, then I can tell you that you have to click on the link "Featured Series" - the link is also present from the left of the page and from the center too. I checked out these Latina Diamonds right away and the collection is pretty large, on the other hand the latin niche is one of the biggest on the net, probably just teens is a bigger one.

On each page you have 6 scenes with a different girl and in total we have 10 pages which means a grand total of 60 different girls and scenes if math is not an opinion, which is pretty nice. For watching each of these latin girls in action you can click on "play video" from the main window and then in the next page you will just have to click on the arrow for the streaming video that is waiting for you there.

At the right of the pages you have a description of the scene and you can even write your own review which is a great way for sharing your opinion about this or that video clip (don't steal my job though hehe) and the clips are available for 3 formats: ipod video, .wmv and .avi (xvid) which is the high quality video. Download speed was at about 200 k/sec, not the quickest but not bad either. For each set you also have a picture gallery that is linked from the video page, so that you don't have to get back to the previous page and that was a smart move....


Summing up, if you want to buy diamonds you can go to a diamond store, but if you want real rare beauties you can go here on Latina where you have a good collection of sexy latin girls that love having filthy sex! The quality of the content is quite good and you also have a big list of Bonus Sites and other goodies from Pimp Roll that come for free with your membership whose price is also in line with the other sites.

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