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Review: January 12, 2010, by Steve

Leandro Comics is a site that is the brainchild of Brazilian graphic designer and illustrator Leandro Oliveira. An artist with a growing reputation, he has become a specialist in the world of adult art and this site features many of his original creations. He takes many well known and iconic characters from the world of comic books and gives them a very much more adult and pornographic twist than they have ever had before!

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Overall rating7

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The superb free tour may not give you many free samples, but you don't need any. It is very well designed and described and gives the complete idea as to what you will get from the site should you join. With the members' area only containing comics and image galleries right now, it is pretty to organise and they have done a fine job of doing so. A nice tag table allows you to search for any superheroes or villains that you want to see in some animated fucking, while the galleries themselves are well described and well packaged, with some good update information as well.

It's a shame that the comics or galleries didn't come with .ZIP downloads as those would have proved to be most useful, I think. You can expand individual pictures up to a maximum of 1000x650px though so they are pretty good quality at least. Currently there are 52 comic strips and 16 image galleries on the site, and it is updated approximately every 4 or 5 days.

I don't know what to applaud Leandro Oliveira for first - the quality of his artwork, or getting permission to use these characters in such a sexually explicit way! It is always nice to see an animation or cartoon site that is a change from the hentai and 'anime' style content that dominates cartoon and art porn. It is usually with these sites that you will find the original and exclusive content as well, as is proved on Leandro Comics.com. And this really is a site with so much going for it already.

The strips and galleries themselves are quite short on the whole, which would perhaps be a criticism that some may have, whilst I don't think enough is quite done to make this feel more like a site that is friendly to comic strip type content. But there is some good stuff here, certainly. His artwork is outstanding and he has certainly come up with some interesting ways of using some of these characters in a variety of hardcore scenarios. I'm not a comic book fan so some of the references flew over my head - but this is one way to get me more interested in them!


Leandro Comics.com is the type of site that I would like to see more of, containing original animation and showcasing a new Western talent. Hopefully the site will continue to evolve as it is showing some really inspired ideas already as well as some impressive presentation. It is perhaps a little expensive for what it is, but regardless of whether or not this particular artist is starving or not, he probably deserves you to pay for this.

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