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Review: January 20, 2010, by Steve
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Leashed Ladies

Leashed Ladies is a hardcore site that sees sexy slave girls on leashes being fucked - and it's not as if they can go anywhere so they might as well stay and enjoy it! They are slaves to the cock as they have their pussies and mouths fucked until they get served up a large dose of cum, and if all that doesn't whet your appetite, then maybe over a dozen bonus sites might!


Overall rating5.8

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LeashedLadies currently has only 13 episodes on board but the update schedule isn't clear. What we do know is that they only added one new episode to this site last month, and the site has been around for at least a year, so this may give you some idea about their lack of updates. It was good, on the presentation front, that they give you good information about the rest of the network, but this site does lack several other features. There is no section that lists of all the models on the site and alongside a lack of conclusive update information, episode descriptions are lacking and the layout isn't all that fantastic either.

All of the videos on the site are available to download in .WMV format only and almost always play at 640x480px. These are full video downloads only and there were no other viewing options made available. The image galleries don't come with any options either with no .ZIP file or slideshows available at all, and with images sized at 600x800px. This site could really do with a lot more viewing options on both fronts.

I think that however good your content may or may not be, if you are only updating once per month (by the looks of things) then it is always going to be difficult to earn the plaudits that your content may deserve. This definitely turns out to be the case for LeashedLadies.com - if we were judging it solely on its content then this would be a cracking site, I think, as there are some excellent scenes here to enjoy.

This is no gentle fetish site as the ladies, once they are leashed, are treated like complete sex objects with some really hard scenes of vaginal and oral sex that really impressed me. I also quite liked the image galleries as well because they were genuine photos rather than screenshots, so they added something to the site. Really though, you are going to be extremely reliant on those bonus sites to bring you the added value to this site. It really just needs more regular updates.


Leashed Ladies.com is a site that I feel lets down its excellent content. It really needs far more updates than this and it should not still be such a tiny site after being around for such a long time. But if you can find lots that interests you in amongst the extras, then you will find some extremely good video episodes here and some surprisingly good photo galleries served up here.

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