Leche 69 Review

Review: December 1, 2016, by Steve
Leche 69

Leche 69 is a Spanish porn site and network of around 15 sites that now feature around about 1,000 exclusive movies spread across a large number of genres. Featuring a wide selection of Spanish and international porn stars, this site is growing into one of the most popular European porn sites out there. Come and check out as many or as few sites in this collection as you want to!


Overall rating8.8

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The user interface and navigation take a little bit of getting used to but once you learn that this main site incorporates all the content from the smaller sites within, it's a lot easier. Considering the relative dearth of recent updates, it would have been good to have seen some information about upcoming updates as well. All of the scenes and galleries are well described and the models' index was excellent as well. The organisation of the individual sites was really good but the site seemed to be running a little slow.

In terms of video viewing, I doubt anyone will take any issue with the options that are available here. On both the streaming and download side of things, you can make use of several different options from mobile quality up to 1080px HD. The download speeds were reasonable but could have been swifter, like the site itself. All photo sets are available for ZIP download but only with one size of photo.

Leche69.com is a slightly confusing experience to start off with because initially I wasn't sure if this was a network pass or a site by itself with lots of bonuses. As it is, it is the former although you can view the content here in the site it was primarily released in. Viewed as a large site or network pass then this obviously is great value for money.

The way it is, there is a chance that some of the content here won't interest you. But if you are someone who likes a large cross section of content then this should prove to be great. The burgeoning Spanish porn scene is well represented here with 433 different models, most of whom are Spanish. The reduction of updates recently is a concern though and something that you need to keep a watch on.

Amount of content: 956 videos and 956 photo sets
Update frequency: Schedule unknown - only a couple updates in the last 2 months
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080px (HD)
Video types: Flash and MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: 1333x2000px
Available for mobile: Yes


For those of you who have an interest in Spanish porn, Leche 69.com is a site that should certainly catch your attention. With a large and varied batch of exclusively performed and shot content, there is a lot for you to see here across a number of different genres. They clearly prefer hardcore though so fans of that genre might want to pay particular attention to this one although the variety is still good.

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