Lesbian Prison Videos Review

Review: February 1, 2010, by Steve
Lesbian Prison Videos

Lesbian Prison Videos is a site where girls desperately try to make the time pass behind bars in as sexy a way as possible! They have never shown any interest in girls before but whilst they are locked up they figure that it would be as good a time as any to start some experimenting. They are horny as hell after a while and nothing is going to stop them from having some sexy lesbian encounters.


Overall rating7

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The overall presentation, design and navigation on the site was very simple indeed, really. There is a free tour that gives you plenty of info about a lot of the scenes here but no trailers. When you log in, things are even more sparse. Things initially start out with a selection of all the sites that you get access on the network and once you choose one, you get only five index pages for the entire members' area. These are basically just a list of all the updates to date (none of them are dated, so we don't know the schedule here) with a brief description on each. Detailed it is not, as Yoda might say.

There are no photo galleries on the site, nor any screenshot galleries, so you will have to make do with the 15 videos this admittedly new site has to date. These can be watched via the site's in-browser streaming Flash Player or downloaded, in full, in .WMV format only. Whichever you choose, they will usually play at 640x480px.

Ahh, lesbians in prison. The source of much movie sexiness, in both the mainstream and in porn, for decades now. So I think it's quite safe to say that LesbianPrisonVideos.com will need no detailed explanation in terms of the 'plots' involved here will be necessary! Despite the fact that no original ideas are needed on such a site, I think they could have made some attempt to vary things slightly though. EVERY scene involves two girls in orange boiler suits in what seems like the same cell.

How about some kinkier uniforms or shaking things up with a naughty prison officer from to time? Yeah, two girls getting off is always pretty hot, but you don't really want to be showing almost exactly the same thing in your small collection of videos. Some variety is always needed. The site doesn't suffer from its lack of photo or screenshot galleries, I have to say. The videos here are still sexy even despite their lack of variety, and there are plenty of hot girls too. The large selection of bonus sites do help as well!


There are two very notable areas that Lesbian Prison Videos.com needs work on as a site - it needs a much larger collection (and it to tell us when it is adding to it!) and a better variety to its content. The collection really is too samey at the moment even bearing in mind the fact that the genre of this site is really quite narrow anyway, but there are some nice scenes here nonetheless.

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