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Review: November 12, 2005

Lia19 is a single girl site featuring, you guessed it, Lia. She is a very attractive blond with a knockout body. The first tour page shows the most recent update. The page itself is nicely designed and very inviting. Lia says the when she turned 19, she decided to go beyond bikini modeling. The tours shows all the shoots you will find in the site so you have an excellent idea of what you will see inside. She's hooked me. I'm going in.

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Overall rating8.5

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No surprises here. I like that. The update is the one we saw on the tour. All the shoots on the tour are here but
now I can click on them. Before I do, let's have a look at the rest of the page. "About and Contact Me" leads to her journal which is updated every week and has links to videos and photos related to the diary entries. You can email her. She says she reads and answers all her emails, usually on the weekend."Fun Pics and Goodies" offer some snap shots of her as teenager with friends from her high school days. The goodies are a couple of nice wallpapers that you can download. "FTV Girls" contains links to "FTV girls like myself, but who don't have web pages like I do." There are four models here with videos clips and video captures from one shoot each. It took me a little while to figure it out, but it seems the FT means first time. "Lisa's Picks" offers her personal favorite images in a very large 1000x1500 size. There is also a store that will have clothes she has worn on shoots.

There are over 200 shoots of Lia. Each shoot features high quality high resolution photos and videos as well as a narrative written by Lia describing the shoot. The video is offered in wmv and divx formats for pic and mac users respectively. In the shoots I looked in on, Lia was just being herself, horsing around in sexy clothing, disrobing, stuffing panties in her pussy, playing with her breasts, washing the car, posing for shoots, masturbating, having pillow fights. She comes across as a likable funny and fun loving girl. She has a magnificent body with beautiful breasts and nipples that seem constantly erect. I like the cute sexy garments she wears.

There is nothing really hard core here. Visiting girls may masturbate but there is never any sexual interaction between the girls. Still Lisa oozes sexuality. She dresses provocatively and loves to show her body. She also likes exposing herself in public situations which lends a nice tension to a number of her videos.


If you like what you see on the tour you are going to like this site. Single girl sites depend on the
personality of the girl and the quality of her interaction
with the members. You join this site to develop a relationship with Lia. She wants to hear from you and will
do her best to give you what you want to see in a shoot.
Lisa19 deserves to be checked out. She just might be the girl of your dreams.

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