Make Him Cuckold Review

Review: June 18, 2014
Make Him Cuckold

Disgraced and humiliated hubbies lie in the wake of the unfaithful women of Make Him What you're getting here is a pro take on the cuckolding fetish, with a European flavor. It's hardcore all the way, and it includes some nice set ups for the scenes that are showcased. I'd like to see more content here, and the Euro aspect means that English speakers may have some hangups, but the action is tight and the talent is tighter.


Overall rating7

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Cuckolding seems to be the latest version on an old theme, the humiliation fetish. Back in the day, the fetish du jour was masochism (and it's still a huge fetish), where dominatrices would subject their subs to all manner of physical and mental pain. Now, men are getting more in to the mental aspect, and that includes the humiliation of other men fucking their women, and being better at it to boot.

Make Him Cuckold wades in to this fray with a slightly different take on the subject. At this site, most of the videos seem to take a revenge theme of sorts. In a typical scene, a girl finds out that her husband or boyfriend is cheating on her, and decides to enact her own form of retribution. Tricking the guy into letting her tie him up, she'll then bring a stud on the scene and it's cuckold craziness from there on.

I like what's here a lot. The girls are attractive, the setups are fun, and the action is hot. That said, I could see why some cuckold aficionados might not love this. It's professional all the way, and many cuck fans don't like that. Also, one of the things people enjoy about cuckolding is the verbal aspect of it, and this site's videos are all subtitled. When you have to read what is being said, that takes away from the enjoyment.

The other aspects of the site are mostly solid. Layout is at first a little confusing, as you're dumped in to the network home page. From there, it's easy to find your way to Make Him Cuckold, and once you're there, things are simple. There are numerous search functions and ways to get around. Once you've found a video or photoset you want to check out, the site provides multiple options for viewing. Resolution is crisp, with videos maxing out at 1080p. Photos are equally as crisp, and are zipped for easy download. All in all, a nice user interface.

Amount of content: 41 videos/42 photosets
Update frequency: 1-3x/month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1080p
Video types: wmv, mp4, flv, 3gp
Photo resolution: Info unavailable/HD
Available for mobile: Yes

Conclusion is decent homage to the cuckolding fetish. I like the talent, the setups, and the way the babes here take a cheating dick. The site's user experience is also mostly well done. The subtitles may be a problem for some people, and the site could stand to have more content (currently only 41 video scenes). However, membership also gets you access to the Dirty Flix network, a serious bonus. Bottom line-if cuckolding is your thing, a one month membership may be worth a whirl.

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