Massage Room Seduction Review

Review: July 6, 2011, by Steve
Massage Room Seduction

Massage Room Seduction is a voyeur site lover's dream! Shot on hidden cameras, the site contains a number of videos of sexy naked girls seduced by masseurs who give them such an awesome and sexy massage that they cannot resist fucking them right there on the massage table. These guys are going to use every erotic massage technique that they can think of to fuck these girls, and they succeed every single time.


Overall rating7.3

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This site was surprisingly well stocked with updates - there are 91 videos on board, but there are no image galleries. The update schedule is fairly unpredictable though and there is no set schedule. The navigation is based around a familiar template on the members' area here, but there isn't a whole to mention here. The scenes don't get particularly exciting descriptions, although there is an index of all the girls that are used here. There are links for sections dedicated to bonus sites and video feeds, but there is nothing in these as yet. It was a little annoying to have to enter your login every time you watched a video too.

All videos can be watched and downloaded in full length files or shorter clips. Both the streaming and downloadable versions are available in .WMV format only, but both versions are available in two different sizes. The highest quality of these was 1008x576px, so not too far off high definition in that regard. Download speeds were very quick on the full length videos as well as the shorter clips. is a site with a concept that has certainly been seen before, but is a site that at least tries to make its content look like the real thing. The girls are extremely hot, which is always a good starting point, and they seem to be enjoying themselves - as does the masseur, funnily enough. The scenes all take pretty much the same path and use the same static camera shot. So really, all is good for the most part.

But the scenes themselves are slightly odd for a hardcore site. For a start, they are very short - rarely more than 8 minutes in length, often taking most of those up with stripping and massage. The problem is that the scenes have actually been edited down to this length rather than actually showing you the whole scene. I think most people would like to see the whole scene. Also odd - no cumshots! Personally, it's not a deal breaker for me that they are excluded, but it is very strange for a hardcore site not to have them.


I do think that Massage Room is a really good site in a number of ways - the presentation is fine, the girls are very hot and the action is very good quality by the standards of any hardcore site. But their decision to edit the scenes down to a shorter length and not including cumshots is one that I think many people will be baffled by - I certainly was. If they address this, then I think they will have a very, very good site indeed.

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