Mature Women Review

Review: July 30, 2007, by Gabrio
Mature Women

Not sure why but I thought that it would be a good idea to write a review of a new MILF site today and I have chosen - the site gets updated twice a week (good) and these mature ladies are still horny for cocks like you never imagine, just take a look at the tour in order to get yourself an idea of what I am talking about ;-)


Overall rating7.3

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The first thing you see when you login to the members area of the site is a pretty long page with lots of info and right below the big header located at the top of the page you have: Home, Pictures, Movies, Bonus, Shopping, Casino and Contact, right under that you have "our most popular movies", "newly added movies", "upcoming updates", and then there is the list of the Bonus Sites that are included with the membership.

I decided to start with Pictures (even though I usually start withe videos for some reason) and you will find all the milf photo sets that are available from the members area of this site; for each site, you can decide whether you want to have it open in a new window or if you want to enjoy it in the same window, not sure why they did it like that anyway, I prefer the same window. The sets are typically solo sets, the thumbnails have a pretty average size and when it comes to the full sized photos, they are looking good, clean and sharp...just as I like them! Only one remark: the .zip download option is not present. When it comes to the amount of galleries, you have a grand total of 17 pages which sounds like a good amount in the end.

Next I jumped to the Movies and that page has the same layout as the pictures....I liked the fact that each set has a brief description that tells you something more about the content you have there, it's something very simple but that adds something nice, I think that every site should have it, especially the amateur sites. Anyway the clips are available in WMV version at 1450 kbits, full length MPEG-1, 1 minute clips .wmv and that's about it, so I can say that there is something for everybody there! Download speed was just fine in fact I got around 500 k/sec which is very good for my connection and you will see lots of hardcore milf action there, I liked the videos on page 3 the most, check them out!!


If you came here in order to find hot MILF action then I think you did the right thing as Mature deliers a good amount of mature action. The site is working pretty well and the download speed was also very good. Plus the fact that they have small video segments lets you jump directly to the good parts eventually and not ALL sites have that...make sure to enjoy yourself with the Bonus Sites as well and have fun!!

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