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Review: February 15, 2010, by ruben
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Some guys never learn. They go around cheating on their ladies with nasty whores, they steal, they drink and they act like dicks in their daily lives. They have to know that one day all of this crap will catch up with them. Men Fucked by Girls is where they finally get what they deserve. These guys end up with long thick dildos in their asses and they end up getting humiliated and left naked and without the orgasms that they expected!

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Overall rating6.8

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Humiliation, domination and ass play are getting to be very popular in the porn game lately. Fetish action seems to be getting more and more narrow-focused and that is really nice to see. No matter what you may enjoy, it seems like someone somewhere is producing it. That is exactly how came to be. The perverted minds behind the new Porngantic Network of sex sites just pumped out this new site and it adds to the overall value of their collection. The problem is that it is not really a value on its own. Don't get me wrong, the content here is crisp and well-produced, there is just not very much of it to see.

At this point, there is not a single photo to dowload on the site but some hot close-ups would be a big bonus. As far as videos go, there are just 15 of them here to see over a lackluster five pages of content. The plus is that they can each be viewed as quick-streaming Flash movies or downloaded as high-Quality .WMV files.

To really get a feel for this crazy ass site, find the video of Brian and his nasty olive-skinned brunette girlfriend Minka. Minka has noticed that something feels strange and wrong about their relationship and her curiosity has finally gotten the best of her. When Brian comes home, Minka confronts him and explains that she has been listening to his voice mails and that she is fully aware that he has been having some serious ass fucking fun with a random fuck slut. Brian is clearly embarrassed and totally busted! Minka goes crazy on his ass and she works his tight butthole with a strap-on to show him what anal intercourse really feels like. Brian complains and acts like he is not into the punishment at first but he ends up really loving it. Brian seems to believe that he is about to have one of the best orgasms of his life until Minka really gets bad and refuses to get him off. He is left alone and naked with a set of blue balls that will take hours or maybe days to go away!


MenFuckedbyGirls is all about domination and punishment. These stupid guys need to be whipped into shape and they need it hard and fast! I hope to see the team at PornGantic really grow this site soon. If fetish porn is your thing, the PornGantic Network may really make you happy. For a decent price, you will have access to 25 bonus sites full of spankings, prison porn, lesbian licking, anal play and much more.

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