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Review: June 25, 2008, by Gabrio

Who said that cartoons can't be sexy? I am not sure but if you check out then you will find out by yourself that on the members area of this website there are hardcore toons that you might find interesting, rather than the usual cartoons you see on tv, which are annoying, unless we're speaking about the Simpsons or the Family Guy if you ask me hehe, let's see what they have now!

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Overall rating6.3

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Usually there is lots of internet traffic on a saturday which means that it takes longer than usual to enter a website but today it was cool and the members area of this one loaded pretty quick. On the main page of the site we don't have any image and they only have a big list of what has been updated recently and at the top we have the following menu: New, Comics, Drawings, Hentai, Manga, 3d, Humor and Links.

Starting from the top of the main page we have Last Update, with movies and then lots of text that tells you about what movies has been added recently as well, they do not have any kind of screen shots and the movies are directly linked from the main page, some are in .avi format and some others are in .wmv format instead - I tested the download speed and it was really slow in fact I could barely get more than 30 k/sec that is really an awful speed if you ask me.

Anyway I then clicked Comics from the top menu and now you are taken to a big collection of galleries, there are the links for the photo galleries there and you can quickly access them by clicking the links you have there though you do not have any kind of preview images and in order to find out what's in there you actually have to click and see.

For the Comics galleries, you have the typical stories with the text for each girl and you can see some funny ones here if I can tell you my opinion, raw cartoon hardcore action to the max!! Next if you move onto Drawings you have a section where you have a drawing collection and I really liked Betty in leather out of the ones that they have on the page, make sure to keep an eye on that one!! In the end the selection of content is not too bad, and it's also easy to browse around and finding the content you are most interesting in, they put lots of different cartoon niches together.


One thing that is missing in the members area of this website are the index images for every main gallery in fact you have to actually click every link and check it out, they did not put up the small images, you know, the thumbnails that every site on earth has and that tells you what you are going to get, and this applies for both photos and videos. I think they should improve download speed for this website

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