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Review: June 2, 2008, by Gabrio
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Messy Comics

If you are thinking that cartoons can't be fun then you probably did not check out which is a site with lots of hardcore cartoons - and in the members area of this site you will see the craziest orgies with all possible conditions of sex! Imagine that you could do all this in reality, what could ever happen? I guess that it all comes down to how much fantasy you have, anyway let's see what they have for us.


Overall rating6.5

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The main page of the members area of this website Messy loads in a new page and after a few moments, with your logins you will be taken to the main page of the protected zone without any problems. The first page has a nice layout and in the end it's pretty compact, at the top we have these links: Comics, Animations, Updates, Forum, Bonus, Faq and then there is a section Latest News and Voting respectively to the left and to the right of the page.

Then if you go down a few lines you will see a box with Latest Updates, Top Comics and in the lower part there is a box for the comments that is also something you can do, eventually. I decided to start with the sets from the Latest Updates and for every gallery you have a title that suggests you what's going on in the set. At the top you have a rating system for each set and you can also leave your own comments for each set.

Next I have moved onto the video content, and in order to find that you have to click at the top from the main menu where it says Animations in fact that is the section where you have the video content basically. Like the picture galleries, you have at the top a box where you can input your own comments and choose a rating for the set in question. The video clips are basically classic cartoons and in my opinion their quality looks rather high.

The only drawback of the video area is the fact that you do not have that many cartoons available in total, which is something they might have to improve, in fact there are in total just 2 pages with content and by the way all the animations open in a new window which makes things a bit messy in my opinion. If you like to write, they also have a forum where you can interact with the other members so I think that you will have fun checking it out. Take a look at the bonus area eventually.


MessyComics overall is pretty easy to browse, although like I have said above, I think that they don't have enough content available, plain and simple. A nice thing is that for each set, be it photos or videos, you can leave your own comment so by reading that you can understand what other people thought about the website. Messy is a fun site and if you like cartoons, why not taking a look?

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