Milfin' Magic Review

Review: February 16, 2011, by ruben
Milfin' Magic

Do you enjoy looking at middle-aged pussy and wondering what that action might taste like? Do tits that look like punching bags from a Mike Tyson practice gym from 1989 turn you on? If so, this is the place for you! What you will here is a whole slew of nasty aging freaks waiting to show that they still have what it takes to suck cock and get laid. Good times! Enjoy the Milfin' Magic!


Overall rating7.3

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It looks like this site came online in July 2010 and since then, the updates have been very steady. That is always a good thing, but you have to wonder if they will ever run out of nasty horny MILFs to exploit and ravage.

MilfinMagic is where these ladies have ended up. This site does not seem like a stepping stone to bigger and better things coming up around the corner. Right away, we have to be teased like crazy just to get in here. The sample pages feature hot as hell young MILFs that make you want to break out a credit card and some lotion, but the ladies inside the actual site are tired and worn.

Right now, there are 16 videos at Milfin' Magic and they all do what they are meant to do. They showcase woman about to visit the gods of menopause getting their last really good fucks in. Don't get me wrong. There are some very sexy ladies in here and maybe there will be more as the site grows.

Look for Brooke and Tamera from he July 20, 2010 debut of the site. Brooke is classy and sweet and can work a fat dildo like a champ while Tamera may have escaped from a trailer somewhere hoping to get the chance to get her holes filled by anyone that comes along. This is sort of the mix all the way through the site. Several ladies. Not all great. Not all terrible.

The navigation is easy to get through and that is another plus, but technology really gets in the way in a bad way. Streaming is super slow and choppy even on my fast cable connection and the quality of the Windows Media files that we have the chance to download are not that great. There is a mobile option for pussy on the go. That is a nice touch.

Photos fans don't get .ZIP files and hardcore MILF fans might be let down just a bit here. I am anxious to see what this all becomes over time. It would be nice to come back someday to see some serious MILF action!


If you get bored with while you wait for weekly updates, don't worry. The site also gives you access to some of the sickest and trashiest garbage porn on the web. Enjoy "Fun With Fat Chicks," "EuroTrashSluts" and a few others that will make you get hard and then probably just sit there sad wondering why the fuck you just did what you did. Do this for old pussy if that is your deal. You might just love it!

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