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Review: May 16, 2007, by Gabrio

Even though MILFs are not exactly my cup of tea, we can agree that some mature girls (we're not talking about 80 years old women anyway) are really looking good and when I consider a girl like the one you have at the top of Milfs well I gotta think about it twice. The point is that when a girl is horny it does not matter hold old she is, she will please somebody anyways!

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Overall rating7.5

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The main page of has a nice layout as far as I can tell and at the top of the page you have a frame where you have the main links which are: MILFs Exposed Videos, Downloadable Videos, Picture Galleries, Live Cams, Bonus Videos and 50+ Bonus Sites and that's it, then by taking an overall look at the page, you have at the left the Top Bonus Sites and at the center you have Today's Top Rated Episode and I can see that you have both photos and videos available for such clip.

In the lower part of the page you have the listing of the other Milf videos that are available, each girl has a preview image and you can easily jump either to the photos or videos respectively and at the very bottom of the page there is a link which takes you to more episodes eventually.

I checked out the newest episode from this site which is featured by a milf named Luna....when you click the video link for this scene you are taken to yet another page where you can choose your favorite bit rate for the streams and there is also a link that takes you to the picture gallery of the set, nice setup. I watched a few clips in streaming (max quality) and they are looking good and started to play very quick as well, good job!

In the lower part of the page there is also a drop down menu which lets you jump to the other scenes very easily....speaking about the milf photos instead, the pics are looking like screen shots in my opinion and I have appreciated the fact that everything works pretty fast, I hate when I have to wait ages for a pic to open.

Back to the main page of the site, there are also other downloadable videos available in different niches though your best bet, when it comes to the main niche of the site, is to stick with the videos and photos that are located on the main page of the members area, since they are the milf chicks you are looking for.


I really liked how they have organized MilfsExposed, in fact the design of the pages where you have the streaming videos is nice and goes straight to the point. Speaking about the very milf content, the girls are looking pretty nice too, there are in total 39 different girls' photos and videos available and other than that you can count on a rich list of goodies such as live cams, bonus videos and extras.

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