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Review: May 19, 2010, by Steve
Missy Hyatt

Missy Hyatt is widely regarded as the First Lady Of Wrestling. During her career she has worked for most of the biggest companies in the USA as a wrestling valet, manager and active wrestler herself, and has been thought of as one of the most beautiful and glamorous ladies in the industry. This is her official website where you can see revealing and exclusive videos and galleries of her and other hot female wrestlers, and her regular uncensored thoughts about the wrestling industry.


Overall rating8.3

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The presentation of the site was largely pretty good although they use some pretty stringent templates on the galleries and videos that can occasionally prove to be pretty difficult to get out of. Otherwise, the site is extremely well designed and for the most part proved very easy to get around. There was lots of information about her shoots and videos, but a hell of a lot of interaction from Missy herself. She regularly updates her blog, hosts live shows and chats, and contributes a great amount to her forum. It was really impressive to see her making such large contributions.

Photo sizes tended to vary on the site, but were more often than not around the 575x700px mark. There were no real options for choosing different sizes though and no .ZIP file downloads. The videos here were available for download or could be streamed on the site, both in .WMV format and both playing at a rather small 428x240px. There are 242 assorted videos and 379 photo galleries, but there are also many others that feature other wrestlers that I have not counted.

I don't mind admitting that I'm a wrestling fan although my interest tends to centre around stuff pre-2005 - most things after that I am clueless about! So I was really keen to review MissyHyatt.net, not just because she was (and is) a true female legend in the wrestling business but also because this is a proper glamour and nude modelling site. And even at 47 years old, she still has one of the finest bodies that you will find in the grappling world.

I don't think it's incorrect to suggest that this will mostly be of interest to wrestling fans. Although most of her galleries have little to do with it, the videos are largely snippets from her career to date, with some genuine rarities on show. She proves herself to be a well-spoken and intelligent person when it comes to writing about the industry too, adding some intellectual weight to some very sexy galleries and videos. Good to see her friend, the equally great Tammy Lynn Sytch, still looking lovely as well.


Missy Hyatt.net is a very impressive site. Real praise should be heaped upon Missy for creating a site sexy and large enough to not just entirely be of interest to only wrestling fans even if it will be a hard sell for anyone who isn't interested in wrestling. If you are a fan, then there is more than just sexy videos and galleries of Missy waiting here for you and is of general interest about the business too. A surprisingly full and superb website.

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