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Review: January 7, 2009, by Gabrio

Mommies Do Bunnies presents you a new idea of website where you are going to find older women driving young hotties to ecstasy! On the main page of the tour you can get yourself an idea of the content and also enjoy the free trailer video clips that they have for you....I was thinking to find playboy bunnies instead, well let's see what they have for us there, have fun!

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Overall rating6.8

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When you enter the members area of this website Mommies Do you find a page that looks pretty basic yet it's quite easy to find what you are looking for there. At the top of the page we have these links: Home, Recent updates, our sites, reality sites, dvd, date and log out, then at the right of the page you have the top rated sets, then top rated sets from all sites and at the center of the page you find the list of the main updates of the site and I can see that you can quickly jump to the photo or video updates that they have there and you have a quick description for each of those updates, so far so good!

I have the impression that the amount of material available is not much however in fact after checking out a little bit I can see that the updates are all on the main page of the site. The idea of the content is mainly for a lesbian site, where you have older moms that are playing lesbian action with the hot girls. I checked out one girl with the hot Alexis Duval and in the page you get when you click on the main thumbnail that you have on the first page, you will find a red link that lets you download the full movie, it was 197.04 mb and then if you look a bit down in the page you have the list of the clips that are available, from the same movie.

Additionally, you can also write your own comment to this scene and for all the others, I tried it and worked fine. I checked out a few clips from this scene in streaming and the action was good, they were really in love with each other and kissing, licking and all that stuff, you know.

Then I switched back and counted the list of main updates, they are 16 for the moment, though you have a bit list of extras that you find in the sections at the top, such as bonus photo feeds, bonus video feeds and bonus games just to name a few.


The concept of this website is cool if you ask me howevewr the main thing was they didn't have that many updates available at the moment. If you like lesbians, milfs and hot teens then inside the members area of this website you find a bit of all those 3 mixed together, which is not bad in the end. Make sure to check out the list of Reality Sites that are included with this membership.

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