My Bros GF Review

Review: April 29, 2011, by Steve
My Bros GF

The girls of My Bro's GF are insatiable! As soon as their boyfriends have gone out the front door, they are all over their best buddies and their hard cocks with no delay at all! These guys have their doubts - they don't want to upset their best friends but on the other hand, their GFs are REALLY hot. It's a dilemma that they really don't want to have to deal with - so they let their cocks decide!


Overall rating6.5

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So far this site hasn't established a set update schedule as it has only just been launched in the last couple of weeks and there are currently 11 episodes on the site, all of which contain videos and photo galleries. The members' area largely works okay, and there is easy access to the couple of bonus sites on offer here. The area can be a little bit too dominated by information about content on those sites, but it is at least well designed and there are some great descriptions of the scenes and galleries. The main omission here would be the fact that there is no index for the girls on the site and often they are not even named.

The video options are great though. As well as Flash streaming videos (playing at 1024x576px), there are mobile .MP4 (480x270px), .MPG (768x432px), and high and ultra HD quality .WMV downloads (768x432px and 1920x1080px respectively). All videos can only be viewed or downloaded at full length though. All galleries can be downloaded in a ZIP file, and most of these photos are sized at 1200x800px. There are some really slow download speeds here but fortunately no DRM restrictions on the videos. treads familiar territory in the whole 'GF' sub-genre of sites that has really exploded in the last two or three years - boyfriend goes out, best bud steps in and bones girlfriend, much hilariously over-acted nonsense follows. Of course, by the time the best friend has spunked on the GF, pretty much everyone else has turned off the video, but I'm just the kind of guy who can't resist watching the post-coital comedy!

This is a brand new site so it's pretty difficult to know how it will get on. The signs are quite good though - I don't think you are going to get masses of variety or new ideas from the site, but the girls are very cute and seem to be largely newcomers, and the action is also pretty good too. They will need to decide what they are doing with the the updates too because at the moment it's impossible to know how frequent they will be.


A reasonably good start for this amateur hardcore site, My Bros is worth keeping a close eye on. The girls seem to know what they are doing despite being newcomers and they are all very hot indeed, and there are some more than hot hardcore scenes to enjoy along the way as well. I think that it is worth a look now as they do throw two other promising new sites in your membership package.

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