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Review: February 2, 2015
My Cams

MyCams is a live cam chat site that allows you to meet and chat with live girls in real time. The girls there are very willing to help you get off and will do their best to give you that helping hand you need. Pun definitely intended. Quality is nice, browsing is average, but when you find the girl of your dreams, it all pays off and is worth it. With variable rates, going private is easy and exhilarating and sometimes easy on the budget.


Overall rating8

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It's time to check out, a free live cam sex chat site. When you visit MyCams, you get to chat with very willing girls who are looking to help you get off! It's a great relationship. They want it, you want it, and they know why you're there, so there is nothing to be shy about and its wonderful!

What really shines about this site is that you have girls from all over the world who are live. Basically, whatever time you happen to log in, you know you will have a nice pick from lots of pretty girls. Of course, depending on the time, you can have more girls online at certain parts of the day than others, but there was still an OK amount of models.

You can search for your type with an OK advanced search feature, or just click through until you find the right girl or you. Or maybe you are in the mood for couples? Girls and boys, girls and girls, threesomes, there's lots of that going on too.

You can sign up for free, chat in free chat for free, and when you're ready to spice things up, its all about going private with the girl or girls or couple of your choice. Yes, this is where all the magic fun happens.

Free chat lets you see the girl, chat her up, and get to know her. You can ask her about what she likes to do sexually and in private and once you think she's right for you, you can take her private, just you and her.

Private is where the action is. She will do her best to fulfill your every desire here for a rate that is by the minute. The models charge differently but you can average about 2 bucks a minute or so, which isn't horrible in anyway, especially when you fine that right girl that just turns you on and knows how to please you. Trust me, its worth it when you find "the one."

The girls seem to be mostly studio girls which means they are supported by a company helping them out which has its pros and cons. On the pros, you have pretty good quality cam streams. Honestly, I've had some great experiences with studio girls so I'm OK with this.


My Cams is pretty fun but it does have a couple of issues making it plain great. The overlay interface where you browse the site could use work and be more accurate with who is online and who is in private. It also needs a better advanced search feature for people who are particular about the kind of girls they like. The quality is quite nice and I met some pretty nice girls on there who were great at helping you cum. It not a bad cam site, overall. Check it out!

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