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Review: December 27, 2007, by Gabrio
Naked Surfers

I have to be honest...I was not sure what to choose when it comes to the niche of this Naked because it's basically an adult community where people post their pictures and you can find lots of amateur photos and videos there, so keep in mind that the quality maybe it will not be as high as usual maybe but I am sure that we are going to find material you do not see that often there, so let's see what they have after logging with the username and password!


Overall rating7.5

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Ok now I guess that you are all very curious to know some more details about this adult message board and I have to say that I am curious too....the board has several areas where you will find different content actually, let's start from the top: Couples Photo Forum, Female Photos Forum, Male Photos Forum (which I will not really check hehe), Bisexual / Homosexual / Soft Fetish Photos Forum, Free Personals Forum, General Talk Forum and that's about it.

When I look at the stats of the site, I see that they have some impressive stats in fact they have a total of active members of 581 which is quite high if you ask me, then they have 6.192 threads, 47.366 posts and 21.028 total members - of course these are all registered and I don't think that they are all paid members, otherwise they'll be really rich hehe!

Anyway, back to the top of Naked, I clicked the first forum "Couples: Erotic and softcore photos only" and then I get a new page, this is really just a regular forum, and you have lots of different messages that are posted by the other members, where they add their photos, their girl friends photos, wifes and so on. I checked out a thread that was about sexy girl friends and you have some photos taken from web cams as far as I can see since the quality is rather bad (pardon me but I am a purist of top notch quality photos) and there are some pussy shot closeups there too.

Then I headed back to the main page of the forum and I entered the forum where you have females only, called "Females: Erotic and softcore photos only" and here there are several threads and I checked out one where a latin girl were posting her own photos and then of course she really had lots of replies from all the horny members of this forum huummmm let's carry on. I did not really want to enter the Male Only forum because I can't look at that content - so sorry for that - though I checked out the Free Personals forum and then you have other threads there with questions for trading photos and stuff like that.


I have to say that it's the first time I see a community for adult personals, personal messages where you can post your own images, or images with your girl and stuff like that - yet all Naked is available either in english or deutsch eventually. There are really many posts and well, like I have said above, this is not your regular porn site so keep in mind when you are thinking whether or not to subscribe.

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