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Review: June 24, 2022, by Logan
NDN Girls

NDN Girls is an amateur porn site with hot Native American Indian girls who love getting fucked balls deep. Videos are mostly amateur made and in most cases, they are far from FullHD quality. The site itself is designed in a pretty basic way, and you don't get a search option. To be able to see all of the content you have to use the endless scroll option until you found something that you like. You have an option to watch videos directly on the website, or you can download them.


Overall rating2.4

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If you are into Native American Indian girls who love getting down and dirty, look no further. NDN Girls is the right place for you. But, from the start, I must mention that probably you don't even need to pay for this site, as most likely you can find lots of these videos on other free pornsites. These videos are made in poor quality, even though on the site it says that the content is in FullHD. Sure, there are videos that are in 1080P but lots of them simply are not. On the other hand, these are amateur-made videos and you can't expect them to be made in the same way that professional studios make them. Lots of guys are actually sick and tired of all of the fake porn videos on the internet, and it is somewhat refreshing to watch real girls getting fucked hard. Especially if they are hot as these Native American Indian girls.

You need to become a member immediately if you want to watch any of these videos or movies. Luckily there is a special offer due to Covid-19 relief and you can join for only 2.95 USD. That is the price for the first month only, every other month you will have to pay 19.95 USD. To be honest, if this pornsite was 2.95 USD every month I would probably say that you should go for it, but for the full price of 19.95 USD, I don't think it is actually worth it. My biggest complaint is that it lacks a simple search option, so you have to scroll down for miles until you find something that you like. Sure, there is plenty of content but it only makes it harder to find something that is actually worth watching. The endless scroll is okay when you are browsing Instagram or Facebook, but when you want to enjoy some quality porn, it is a drawback. For instance, you have been scrolling down for 10 minutes, and when you finally find something that makes you horny between the legs something happens, and your internet connection breaks, what can you do now? You can refresh the page and start scrolling again until you find it.

They add new content but it is not much, every three weeks you can expect a new video or a few of them, and that is actually not much. Another thing that is bothering me, is the fact that their main and actually the only page is filled with different news and ads that have nothing to do with porn. If I wanted to see the news I would not have paid for the pornsite, I would have gone on an actual news page that is free on Google, and there I would have read the news that I am interested in. Some of the "news" are videos that have to do something with Native ladies, but they are from Youtube and have nothing to do with porn, other videos are from video games?! Yes, I have found a video that is from some unknown video game. This sort of content simply does not belong here. You can also find some sketches, lots of text, and whatnot that is not actually porn-related. It is like reading a Playboy, but instead of watching stunning models, you can watch amateur Native American girls that love having wild sex and don't mind if it gets recorded.

Some girls are actually hot, whilst others are not. I can't judge on this alone since we are all different, and what some guys find hot, others will not, and vice versa. One thing that they all have in common is that they are all amateurs, and they love having sex. Some are getting fucked by black guys, some by white, so you have some diversity. You can find lots of videos of these babes sucking hard cocks, posing while nude, or getting fucked. You can watch videos directly on the website, or you can download them, it is all up to you. Some videos are worth downloading so you can save them for future use, and avoid searching them using the endless scroll. If you are tired of finding free pornsites that give you the chance to watch Native girls getting fucked, then you can benefit from NDN Girls.


Basic and amateur pornsite that offers you amateur videos of Native American Indian girls who don't mind if they get recorded while playing with large cocks. NDN Girls offers you exactly that, but for a price. The first month is actually worth it as it is currently available for only $2.95 due to Covid-19 relief. But, every next month comes with a hefty price of $19.95 and in my humble opinion, it is not worth it at all. There are guys who will think that I am wrong, and for them, it is a fair price, but let's talk about it some more. The website is so basic that you only have one page, the main page that does not even have a search option. They decided to go with the endless scroll like you got used to when browsing different social platforms such as Facebook. Not only that you have to scroll until the end of time to browse thru the content, but while doing so, you will find lots of news, ads, text, amateur drawings, etc. The bottom line is this. For a pornsite that requires you to pay 19.95 USD a month, they are not giving you something in return. There is plenty of content, so they say, but it only gets updated every three weeks, and the content is actually of poor quality even though it is stated that videos are in FullHD.

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