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Review: January 21, 2010
2 views is a paysite that brings you the best pictures and photo galleries of one lone photographer's favourite real and authentic amateurs. The ridiculously simple site design can be quite off putting but the story sounds real. With a generous tour to get an idea of what to expect inside, members who decide to sign up can expect exclusive pictures of real amateurs between 18 years old to their 30's.

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Overall rating4

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Newds .com is so simple, a cave person could do it. The site's design is reminiscent of the old tripod and angelfire free build-your-own sites of old. Normally I would tell you that its not necessarily a bad thing when it comes to simple designs and that simple designs makes it easy to get around but I have to tell you, its a bit boring.

Easy as it is to get around, you really have to get past the design. Black backgrounds and New Times Roman font gives NEWDS a flavour blander than vanilla. Its not my style to say bad things about sites so lets try to focus in on the good points.

The free tour is generous and a few pages long. You begin by reading the story of the photographer and how he came to be and what its like to be him. Mildly interesting as it is, along the way are thumbnail pictures you can view in full size to see whats in the member's area. You can bet your wallet that these are 100% honest and real amateur girls obviously shot by an amateur photographer with an amateur level camera. I do like amateurs quite a bit but if the quality is anything like the samples inside, I might opt for the 3 day trial at most.

If you do like what you see and decide to join up, a quick user name and password entry will get you into the member's area. The simple design will promise you wont get lost here which is good. There are 22 girls to choose from each with 1-3 galleries of pictures with about 28 pictures to a set. There are no videos here or zip file downloads. Be sure to read the intimidating warning about sharing images, they promise they will find you if you share.

Photos are gritty and small. They range from 464 x 700 to about 747 x 598 pixels in resolution. The girls range in age from young to milf. The average land in the older category but are still quite cute. There isn't much content here at all with only a handful of pictures in total but you will be happy to know that access to 14 bonus sites will provide with much more and much better content, including videos.


NEWDS is the simplest site I have ever seen. In a nutshell, everything about the site is very amateur. Even with cute girls, the quality and amount of content is actually quite disappointing. If it wasn't for the bonus material, I would tell you to move on but since there is much better stuff from the bonuses, it might be a consideration for you true die-hard real amateur fans. Check out the tour to see what I mean. What you see in the tour is what you get.

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