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Review: October 18, 2010, by Steve

NIP Activity is one of the naughtiest and most daring public nudity websites you will have ever seen! Unlike most other outdoor nudity sites, this doesn't have its girls naked in the middle of nowhere - it sets them down in busy city streets and has them cavort nude around bemused onlookers. These girls have absolutely no shame at all and although the general public may be shocked, some of them do seem to really enjoy it!

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Overall rating8.3

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The navigation of this site's members' area initially looked as though it wasn't going to be any great shakes but actually it was okay. I think the main problem that the site has is that there is next to no information about any of the girls or sets of content here, so it does feel as though it lacks a fair bit. However, the forum is packed full of lots of information about the content and so there is something to go on here. Update information is plentiful and there in information about upcoming updates, including being able to watch a trailer of the next video. More info on the models would have been great though.

The galleries here do not just have a ZIP download option, but they also offer you the chance of viewing them in a Flash slideshow. Whichever option you take, the photos are usually sized at 1280x960px. There is also the option of Flash streaming on all videos, with .FLV, .MOV and two .WMV download options available, with the best quality videos playing at no more than 640x480px. There are currently around 600 updates here, all containing videos and galleries, with multiple updates coming along every week. is one of those sites that you can only do in certain countries. If you tried it here in the UK, you would be in custody before your feet touched the ground! But in Germany they are not quite so squeamish about allowing naked women to roam the streets, as I know from as far back as watching Eurotrash in the early and mid nineties! That is the setting for this site which ends up being one of the most comprehensive public nudity sites you will ever see.

It is very daring and naughty stuff but they stave off repetition (which was increasingly a danger here as they currently only have just over 40 models) by trying to vary what the girls get up to as much as possible. Despite that, this is probably not going to do quite enough to win over those not all that interested in exhibitionism, but fans of this type of material should revel in this.


Even though I am left with feelings of deep jealousy that seeing naked women on the streets of my country is something that is never likely to happen, made me feel better about the whole situation. These girls deserve some kind of bravery award but they are really helped out by some really good photography and camerawork, and a site that is quite well put together. There are few others in the exhibitionism genre that can top this.

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