Norske Maria Review

Review: June 29, 2010, by Steve
Norske Maria

Norske Maria is the website of a pretty brunette from Oslo, who treats us all to regular videos and photo galleries of her getting up to all kinds of Nordic naughtiness! Stripping off to show her impressive figure, regularly pleasuring her pussy and even having some sexy girlfriends over for some lesbian hotness, she knows how to keep herself warm during those long, cold winters! She will certainly keep you nice and hot too!


Overall rating6.5

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I think the first thing that needs to be addressed about is that it is in Norwegian. Oddly, the free tour can be viewed in an English language version but for some reason this option isn't available in the members' area. You are going to need healthy doses of Google Translate unless you actually speak Norwegian to enjoy this site! Regardless of language issues, this is still a very well presented site that comes with a very informative free tour and members' area that give great descriptions of all the content sets here, excellent update information and easy access to all the bonus sites. There are perhaps too many ads in the members' area though.

The video options here are really pretty good with .WMV and .MPG downloads accompanied by Flash streaming versions. They are also available at full length or in short clips. In general, for most options, the videos play at 640x480px and there were no DRM restrictions. The photo galleries on this site were not available for .ZIP file download, and although the photo sizes varied quite a lot from time to time, the most common size was 650x950px. This being a new site, a collection of 8 videos and 10 photo galleries can be excused.

It's always a challenge reviewing a foreign language site. The reason for that is that you are always worried about misunderstanding the site's intentions and what they are trying to do with their content. But thanks to the English language free tour on this site, it's pretty easy to see how this one is going to progress - a mixture of solo and lesbian action, this is also a brand new site.

It is also a part of an all Scandinavian collection of sites so I think the future of this site will be pretty secure - these guys know what they are doing with this kind of site. Maria herself is quite beautiful and really dazzling to watch, and for a newcomer she is also very confident in what she is doing as well - especially when she is paired up with another girl!


I suspect that many people will be put off subscribing to Norske because of the language barrier - and that would be a shame. This new site has got some fantastic lesbian scenes on it and Maria also shines in some wonderful solo scenes and galleries, whilst there are also some excellent bonus sites here. Well worth keeping an eye on and don't let the language issues put you off.

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