Nylon Stockings Online Review

Review: June 26, 2012, by Steve
Nylon Stockings Online

Nylon Stockings Online has a carefully selected batch of British beauties modelling their long and seductive legs in the hottest nylons around. Exclusive photo galleries and videos of Britain's hottest centrefolds and adult models await you here, with many different styles, designs, lengths and colours of nylons pulled on by these ladies for your viewing pleasure! You nylon fetishists are in for a real treat, so come and check it out for yourself!


Overall rating7.5

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There are currently over 500 photo galleries as well as 39 videos for you to enjoy on NylonStockingsOnline.com. The site is being updated regularly, but no dates have been provided on the site and there is no clue as to what the update schedule is at the moment. The general presentation of the site wasn't quite as good as I was expecting it to be, with no model index made available - pretty disappointing considering the amount of babes that are on show. The descriptions with both the scenes and galleries here were quite good, though, and it was generally a well designed site.

Then again, there was quite a disappointing lack of viewing options on the videos and galleries as well. The galleries came without ZIP downloads and most photos were sized at 1280x857px. The videos were at least available for streaming and downloading in Flash and .WMV formats respectively, but with almost all videos of any format playing at 720x576px. Download speeds were very good indeed and there were no hint of any DRM restrictions on any of the videos.

In the last two or three years ago, it has been very noticeable that British models and porn actresses are seen in stockings (or tights, as we call them!) far more frequently on average than you would see babes from other countries in them. Why is that? Not entirely sure - maybe it's the dreadful weather we are often stuck with! But it certainly means that it is no surprise that this nylon fetish site is mostly populated by British models.

It is a very good site of its kind as well. The content is all softcore all the way, with nothing particularly sexual going on. You do get the odd girl-girl scene, but you wouldn't exactly call them lesbian scenes as such. The quality of the models is very high indeed - perhaps not with as many big names as I was expecting when I first saw the site, but the flipside of that is that you do get the chance to discover some really stunning new beauties.


Nylon Stockings Online.com is a very good nylon and stocking fetish site, that much is obvious. I do think that they could have packaged it rather better and given us a better range of video and gallery options, and some update information would definitely have been welcomed. But on the whole, I doubt any stocking fetishists will find these quibbles to be anywhere near severe enough to put them off getting a membership here.

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