Old Farts Young Tarts Review

Review: July 17, 2006, by teaser

What happens when you take a horny old man that drools and gets hard at the site of a pretty young slut and offer him a chance to fuck some young pussy? You get one happy old fart. These old geezers get to pull out that old pud and put it to use again with some sexy hot sluts. I hope these guys have their life insurance paid up to date, they might have heart failure pounding that old pud into some young pink.


Overall rating5

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Old Farts Young Tarts is so simple it's stupid. The only thing you will find inside are photo and video updates. That's all. The main page for Old Farts Young Tarts holds 4 past updates for photos and movies. Then at the bottom are links to photo updates and movie updates. The very bottom offers you a cancel subscription link. That is all there is to this site plain and simple.

The video updates section holds 35 video updates. These are thumbnailed so you can choose an update. Then you are taken to a page that offers you 3 to 4 clips of the episode. These are viewed only in wmv format. You are offered a selection of low, high or full screen. There is also a link to view photos of the episode so you can watch the movies and then view the still images if you like. You aren't offered a link to download these video clips as well.

The photos update link takes you to every photo episode since the sites creation. These are also thumbnailed so you can choose which teen and old fart you wanna have a peek at. These also give you a listing of how many pictures are in each set. Now, when I viewed this site, a lot of these have a number say 177 in the photo set, but once you click on the thumbnail you are taken to only ONE page of thumbnails. There isn't a way to find or look at the rest of the photos. I'm not sure if this is a navigation error or just a plain and simple screw up, but it is frustrating. So you get to see about half the pictures in the site. I hope they get this fixed soon as its very confusing and frankly annoying to anyone there to view the pictures.

The photos are all 900x1200, and crystal clear so you can see every inch of that old fart fucking a young tart. You won't miss anything in these photos at that size and clarity.

I hope you aren't looking for bonus sites, cam chat or anything but videos and photos. As I mentioned earlier, you won't find any here.


What you will find at Old Farts and Young Tarts is hardcore pussy pounding action from old geezers into tiny tight pink pussies. These girls loved every min of these experienced male cocks burying themselves into those pink pussies. This site although lacking content is a definite ride on the wilder side of fetish. If you have ever wanted to watch an old man fuck some slut then give this site a go. I give it one thumbs up.

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