Older Women Club Review

Review: April 1, 2011, by Steve
Older Women Club

Older Women Club is a mature porn video community where you can join up for free and chat with other MILF porn lovers, or you can sign up for a monthly membership and enjoy watching as many of the videos on board as you want! You can also get the chance to upload your favourite videos, but if all that doesn't sound like a good deal, you can opt for a pay per scene deal where you just pay for what you watch!


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There are currently around 840 videos and 270 photo galleries on this site, and updates are made almost every day but are dependent on members rather than the site itself. The presentation here is generally very good - although the design is quite unflattering, there is lots of information here to be going on with. The videos and galleries are all divided up into genre categories, and they all happen to be dated with when they were added to the site. They also come with user ratings and pretty good descriptions as well! It really was a great effort all round!

Unusually for one of those video 'communities' the videos were available for download - in .WMV and .MP4 formats and playing at 480x320px and 640x480px. All of the videos can be Flash streamed to play at 640x480px. There were no ZIP downloads to be had on the photo galleries, which was not really a huge surprise, nor was it a huge surprise that the photos varied greatly in size over the course of the galleries.

No disrespect to sites like OlderWomenClub.com but I have always been far less interested in the 'community' aspect of them than I have been in their actual porn. My general experience of such sites is that the community is largely quiet and the consumption of porn a lot busier - and that's how it should be! But I guess it's something of a nice extra to have in the background should you ever want to contact someone who has posted videos that you have really enjoyed.

Still, it is quite the novelty to have a user submitted content site such as this that is based around mature content only. And they do stick to the genre as well because there are no videos that won't appeal to fans of the type in terms of the age(s) of the performers. The option of pay per view is a great one and one that I wish more sites offered, and the regularity of uploads means that there is always something for you to watch that is brand new to the site.


For fans of mature and MILF porn, Older Women Club.com really does have a hell of a lot to offer. Some may love the community set-up of it but that, for me, isn't the main selling point of the site. What is the main selling point is the fact that there is so much good quality porn to enjoy here, not to mention at a very good price. Very highly recommended to mature porn fans.

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