Only Facials Review

Review: October 9, 2013
Only Facials

Only Facials takes the blow job genre and puts a different face on it. This European based site focuses on cum shots to the faces of the various models that they feature. I guess you could call this a blow job site that takes it one step further, although there is other content beyond blow jobs and facials. I like the idea, but unfortunately, the site misses the mark in a lot of ways that prevented me from fully enjoying the its full potential.


Overall rating6

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Reviewing porn websites can sometimes be tough, believe it or not. When a site is great, it can be fun and easy. When a site is terrible, it's also easy, but not fun. And then there are sites that are simply below average, and those are neither fun nor easy. That last one is where rests.

The site, essentially, is about blowjobs. However, it extends that premise and puts a focus on facial cumshots. Much of the content also includes various forms of fucking, handjobs, and other boy-girl sex combos. It's all standard stuff, with nothing that is earth-shattering or ground-breaking. The female talent (all eastern European) is varied but mostly pretty attractive, and that's a definite plus. The action is decent; I wouldn't say it's out of this world, but there are some scenes that are hot. The facial cumshot thing is a good idea in theory, and it's done well here. However, those parts of the videos are only a minute or so. That's not a complaint, really, but more of an observation.

So the talent is decent to good, the action is workable, and the premise is good if maybe a little over-sold. Overall, the action can support itself, so that's all fine. However, the infrastructure of the site is severely lacking, to the point where it makes the site hard to enjoy.

I'll start with the navigation. It's not hard to get around here, but there are virtually no sorting/searching tools. You have to browse everything, and that was a definite downer.

However, the biggest negative is that the streams were extremely slow. In fact, they were so slow that I may as well have just downloaded the videos to watch them. It really prevented me from enjoying the site. Downloading videos wasn't all that fast either.

There are no photosets available. There is a photo compilation page for each scene, but you pic hounds will be disappointed. Resolution on videos was so-so; I've seen better, and this was a yet another let-down.

Amount of content: 80 videos
Update frequency: 1x/week
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: Unknown
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 622x631px
Available for mobile: No


Some adult websites have a great premise, but then fail to follow through in any one of several ways. Only has a focus on the facial cumshot, which is a fun and sexy pseudo-fetish. The talent is good, and so is the action. However, the technical and organizational aspects here drag the whole thing down. If this place could organize the content better, and make it easier to find what you want, that would be a start. However, the real work lies in making the the videos load and play faster. Until then, pass.

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