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Review: August 10, 2006, by Gabrio

Party Wild Naked is all about girls that love to have fun, drink like crazy and flash all they got, just for having fun! As you can see from the tour, these girls are crazy, and it does not matter who is watching, they absolutely do not give shit about that! So now, fasten your seat belts, take the free tour and then make sure to read the full review below!

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Overall rating7

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When you enter the main page of Party Wild Naked you are taken to the main page of Dirty D's Adult Website Ring and on this page you have several links and sites that are included with your membership. At the right of the page you have Membership BONUS Features, Announcements, Favorite Pictures and much more.

The link for the actual members area of Party Wild Naked is located a little down in the page and once you click it, you get a new page where you have the selection of all the clips that are included. As far as I can see there are many hot scenes there, for each set you have a full length video, dialup segments and a stills gallery as well; the full length video is in .wmv format and it's in high resolution as well, I have checked them out and I have to say that they are looking quite good and they do not make use of DRM technology either so that's great and when it comes to the girls, they really love to flash what they have, it seems almost incredible that they're doing that!

One of the best sets was "Wet Wild Drunk Girls" probably, where you have these super hotties that are having fun on the boat, I checked out the stills gallery and it first started by the beach, then you have several photos that are taken on the boat, and these chicks are going crazy sharing kisses on their pussies and squeezing their tits as well!

There are 32 scenes in total, and I am sure that you are also going the wet t-shirts contests, which are many, or the College Girls videos for example, or better yet, Rock Concert Girls Flashing, some of the girls had some very sexy paint jobs on their bodies, there was a chick with huge tits and she had these fire drawings, really a true hottie! This gallery had many photos available, like the others, all you need to do is to get back to the main page and click one of the other 30+ scenes/episodes that are available!


These girls definitely LOVE to have lots of fun when they are outdoors, if you live in the old continent (read Europe), then you will have no idea what this is about, since these chicks from USA are really CRAZY, they love to flash in public, they love to play with their hot girl friends and much more, so do not wait any longer, take your credit card out and join the site ;-)

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