Plump Mature Review

Review: July 26, 2009, by Gabrio
Plump Mature

Yet another site where you are going to find girls that are large! Plump shows you not your ordinary models and with the other variant that they are milfs as well! So if you like mature girls with big sizes then you are in the right place! What are you still waiting for now? I will see you inside the members area of the full review of these thick girls!


Overall rating7.3

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At the top of PlumpMature we have a section called "member zone" where we have: news, updates, preferences, help, support and software but the main content links can be found a little bit down fact we have Photos, Movies (downloadable and streaming) and then we also have stories, personals and bonuses and a box where you can put your email address for being notified about updates.

By going down a little bit further you find the most popular photo sets and at the center of the page you will see that there's a "great offer" for the members, that consists in a special pass for 10 of their other paysites if you stay a member for 3 days on this, on the 4th day you will receive access to all the others. After that there are the last updated sets and there are both hardcore and softcore sets there with the large girls, I clicked the top rated set that it's on the toplist and I was quickly taken to this gallery that has 132 photos.

For each of the gallery you have nice looking photos and my only remark goes for the fact that there is not the .zip download option but you can turn on a slide show if you want to enjoy the pics without having to keep clicking all the time and you can also choose the delay, transition and if you want the show to loop or not. Full resolution of the images is 768x1024 pixels and let's go to the movies now!

They have both downloadable and streaming clips as you can easily find out by checking out the menu at the top so i first checked the first and they are quite large as well (lol) in terms of size I mean!! In fact this clip I was downloading was 320+ mb in terms of size and speed was about 460 k/sec with normal click. I got it faster with getright though and after viewing it I found a screen resolution of 720x576 pixels @ 3000 kbs. For every video set you can also write a small comment if you want. We have 70 downloadable clips, solo mast and hardcore as content. The streaming links connect you to video feeds pages, external to the site.


Summing up, Plump Mature is a website where you are going to find a pretty good collection of large girls that are either having sex or playing with themselves, so in what we call solo masturbation. Other than the main content we have also lots of sex stories and personals if you want to have some more extra entertainment and do not forget to check out the bonus sites that are included with the website!

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