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Review: December 11, 2008, by Gabrio
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Premium Pass is one of those all access offers that get you access to a massive amount of official sites, such as Jenna Haze's (hot teen pornstar), Gina Lynn's, Jules Jordan's then other hardcore sites such as Sperm Swallowers, Ass Fixation, Cum In The Face and so much more so let's check out the members area of this special offer, if you are looking for a good bargain it seems that you came to the right place.


Overall rating8.8

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The main page of this website Premium loaded fast and I have to say that they have a nice looking header, those 2 lesbians really look hot there, ok back on track....after a few moments you will find a sort of pre entrance page where you have to choose the website you want since, like you have read in the intro above (you read right?), with this deal you will have access to all these nice sites and I have to say that I am going to check out Jenna Haze's right away before the others.

You only have to click on Click Here To Jump To This Site and within a few seconds Jenna's site will be loaded in front of you, the site looks clean and you have lots of goodies there, such as her blog, live shows, events calendar, then you have of course photos and videos available and if you think at the amount of time that will take you to check out this website alone, then the price of this overall deal is just worth that price.

Ok now I headed back to the previous page and I checked out Gina Lynn's website, even if she is a blonde (I am all the way in love with brunettes for the note)....she is hot as fire, but you knew that already since she is a famous porn star. The system is the same, you click from the main page with the4 sites listing and then you have Gina's website there with all the goodies and the layout inside the website is pretty much similar to Jenna's.

All the photo sets look good and you have also the .zip download option, really a must for blondes lovers and especially if you are a true Gina Lynn's fan. Time to take a look at some hardcore sites from their sites list now, I entered Cum in the and this website is of course a must if you like cum shots, since that is the main theme of ther website, the girls line up is quite rich, they also have the super whorish Tory Lane (one of my favorite girls) and you can stay sure that the content here is raw hardcore!


Sometimes when they do the "all access" websites, they have lots of stuff but the quality is not that high since they aim mostly at the quantity of content available, but that is not what happens for Premium Pass at all since you have lots of content and the quality is top notch too. Like I have said above, you have 2 official porn star sites and then all the other sites are hardcore sites, with several famous porn stars available. A good bargain overall..

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