Public Violations Review

Review: November 22, 2010, by Steve

Public Violations is a site where these people could get caught at any time - but they do not really seem to care that much! This site contains all kinds of outdoor rudeness, all shot and presented exclusively by the Porn Pros network. From flashing hotties to full blown hardcore sex and blowjobs in car parks and public parks, this site shows that the hottest action isn't always happening behind closed doors!

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Overall rating8.4

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If you choose to subscribe to this site, please note that there are pre-checked cross sales boxes present on this site's join page and unless these are unchecked by you, then you will end up buying access to these additional offers whether you want to or not.

The navigation of this site continues to be very good indeed, as it does for the entire network. It's initially quite easy to weave your way to this single site and the rest of the network is not too intrusive when you are browsing it. Update information proved to be very useful and informative, with the excellent A to Z indexes for the girls, sites and categories of content proving invaluable in surfing this whole network. More information about the actual content would have been good though.

Each of the videos here come with screenshot (usually sized at 720x480px) and photo (normally sized at 637x850px) sets, with the latter also being available in a ZIP download. All of the videos are available in .WMV, .MP4 and .MPG formats to download, with the highest quality downloads being sized at 1200x700px. There are also Flash streaming videos too, but all video options are for full length videos only. There are 102 videos on the site at the moment, and the site is currently updated three or four times a week.

There are some countries in the world where you can get away with the various nude and rude shenanigans you can see on - but others where they are altogether more frowned upon! I'm not sure where these videos are largely shot, but regardless of whether they are 'allowed' they are still possessing of some pretty hefty amount of nerves on the part of all the participants.

The action is a mixture of nothing more than naughty nudity and flashing stunts to quite brazen hardcore action where, occasionally, the face of the odd performer is blurred out. That really is quite odd, but overall the content quality is very good and enjoyable, especially if you love the whole public nudity and sex genres. There are not many better sites of this type around right now.


The current fantastic update rate of Public is just one of the reasons to recommend this tremendous site - but there are many more. The range of the scenes is really delightful, from the naughty and almost quite playful to the downright hardcore and rude. Obviously, the access to the entire Porn Pros network is quite a major carrot to dangle in front of you, but this is one of the gems in a quality network.

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