Purgatory X Review

Review: May 14, 2019, by Marilyn
Purgatory X

Purgatory X is a pick your poison kind of porn site. Want tender, passionate love making? Pick the Heaven side. If you're into raunchy and wild sex though then your best bet is to head over to the Hell side. The juxtaposition effect of the multi-episodes here will pique your curiosity and really get your juices flowing. The site is fairly new and as such it has just a few scenes in the archives but new videos are added 4 times a month.


Overall rating7.6

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Growing up, my very christian parents convinced me that purgatory was a bad place. I believed them. Now, as an adult, PurgatoryX has me convinced that its perhaps the coolest place ever. I mean, where else can you have your cake and eat it too?

That's a rhetorical question obviously but its also true about this porn site with a slightly unique concept. In this no judgement zone, you get to choose whether you want to soar with the angels or get nasty with horny sexy devils. No matter what side you choose, you come out a winner.

The site is very well designed. The colors are on point and the homepage does a fantastic job of really selling the heaven/hell concept. You'll be so immersed in the theme that you'll feel the need to choose a destination as you scroll through all the teasers on the homepage. Hold your horses though because what you see on the surface is nothing compared to what awaits you inside the members area.

Inside is where all the good stuff is locked away. Once you get access to it, you'll notice that there's a section for episodes and another one for trilogies. They even have one for photos.

Overall, there are 12 trilogies and 30 episodes. The latter include a video, set of photos and a set of screen shots. The episodes can be sorted by most recent or most popular and if you look closely at each one, you'll notice either wings or horns which should tell you whether it belongs to the Heaven series or Hell series.

The HD videos can be streamed or downloaded as MP4 files and the playback quality is absolutely amazing. There's a zip file option if you're interested in downloading the photos or you can just view them online in a slideshow.

Looking for navigation tools? The only major ones right now are the model index and the search box but given the amount of content currently available, you don't really need much more than that.

Amount of content: 30 videos and 30 photo galleries
Update frequency: 4 videos per month
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1920x1080 (Ultra HD)
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 3000x3000px
Available for mobile: Yes


I absolutely love the Heaven and hell concept at Purgatory-X. I love that they've injected a fun element into what would normally just be routine hardcore fucking. What I don't love is how small the site is but its a fairly new site and so far its promising weekly updates so if it sticks to that schedule, it should grow to a reasonable size in no time. A few bonuses would hurt either. I'd tell you to wait until the site grows some but honestly, the scenes here are just too good.

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