Rage Story Review

Review: May 20, 2011, by Bigbrownbeaver
Rage Story

Easy to navigate, ragestory.com is an interesting site, with plenty of video on it. It has an easily accessible page with the tabs at the top. New additions are right on the page and the updates to the companion pages are to the right. You are able to view the videos and pics and comment as well as vote for your favorites. Come check it out, it is definitely an interesting stop in surfing!


Overall rating7.3

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Once in the member's area you have access to everything this site offers from the home page's tabbed top. Videos, Photos and other activities are here. The latest videos are on this page for immediate access. You can search by name or dates in the boxes on the page. The idea of the site is punishment sex for a cheating girlfriend when she is caught with someone else and their boyfriends decide to give them a hot punishing and violent sex.

The tech information for the videos and photos is as follows:
Picture Resolution 1024 x 683 pixels,Video Resolutions: 1920 x 1080 pixels (5000 kbps WMV ), 768 x 432 pixels (3000 kbps WMV), 768 x 432 pixels (3000 kbps MPEG ), 480x320 (1600k, MP4 - Mobile (IPod , Iphone videos)

These cheating girlfriends have no idea what they are in for when they are caught red handed with another guy , cheating on their man! The violent sex that these gals get and deserve is over the top fucking the way only a jilted boyfriend can give! These cheating gals get their holes punished in every way these guys can think of to let her know she fucked up and she is getting a fucking for her mis-deeds!

What better revenge is there than when it is served hard and fast! These cheating gals will know the meaning of repentance for their wandering ways! Check out the videos and hi def photos and you will see what this site is all about. Entertainment at it's violent best for those with action in mind.

The cheating partners here are lovely gals and they know they can have anyone they want with their looks and sexy bodies, and when they are left to themselves while their guys are out working for a living.
There is some lesbian action here too but most of the site is couples and rage sex revenge. You can comment on the videos, add them to your favorites, and vote for your favorite as well. There are bonus sites with the membership to ragestory.com for you to check out as well. This site has lots of content, worth spending the time on, and the bonus sites as well.


In conclusion, rage story.com is an interesting and exciting site with exclusive content you will enjoy while you are here. It has bonus sites with it when you join. The membership is reasonable for an exciting site such as this one. Plenty of action, ease of downloads and new content once a week. Tabbed top on the home page and an easy way to search the site, a place for your favorites. Come check out this exclusive site!

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