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Review: February 3, 2010, by Steve
Real Massage Videos

Real Massage Videos is a site on which sexy girls receiving sensual massages end up taking more than just a nice rub on their back and legs! Things very quickly turn ruder though as these girls suddenly find their massages turning sexual as their tits and pussies end up getting a lot of attention too! These might not be regulation massages, but no-one seems to mind too much once they get fucking!


Overall rating5.8

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This would be appear to be another case of a site that has invested more time and effort into the design and organisation of its free tour than its members' area. Why do sites do this?! The members' area really is a forgettable affair with a few index pages only on the site, a brief description of the videos - and that really is about it. Update information would have been very welcome here because there are only 15 videos here (as there seems to be on all of their sites for some reason) and no real hint as to when they may add more.

I suppose it was at least good that you could download and stream all of the videos. The videos stream directly from the site in their Flash player to play at 640x480px. The downloadable versions are presented in .WMV format only, playing at much the same resolution. Download speeds were good on the site, but both video options were just for for the full length videos.

One thing I will say about this PornGantic network that is responsible for is that they are consistent. Lots of sites, not many videos on each, and all of about the same size. They are all quite good when it comes to their content as well. The massage genre is one that has been used many times before, of course, and in many different ways. And whilst this may look as though it is going to be an open and shut case hardcore site because of the presence of a masseur, it isn't quite the case, as it turns out.

There is some hardcore action here and it looks as though those massage tables are sturdier than I thought to take two people having hard sex on them! But that the site manages to resist being hardcore all the time by throwing in enough doses of pussy rubbing, oral sex and even foot fetish action is to its credit. It shows that the site COULD have a nice and varied collection but considering that you have no idea when it updates, it is slightly unsure.


Real Massage is a site that could be a really decent massage site and even be one of the best around, given a chance. The videos are usually very good indeed and don't rely on hardcore action to get by. The variety was quite impressive considering the small collection, but a lack of video options as well as a strange lack of attention dedicated to the members' area presentation lets this down a bit.

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