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Review: February 8, 2010, by ruben
Real Medical Videos

Every lady should have an annual check up to make sure that all of her parts are in working order. The ladies featured at Real Medical Videos are seriously in need of whatever care that they can get. They get probed,prodded and thoroughly examined until they are finally given a clean bill of health so that their employers and insurance companies are totally happy with the results that they are given.


Overall rating6.8

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The creators of RealMedicalVideos are doing what the can to build a nasty network of fetish sites that are meant to offer a one-stop shop for fetish fans. I was a bit confused at first and still am to a point because I receive a profile from for every site that I review and the profile for Real Medical Videos stated that the content on the site was totally exclusive to the site. Right off the bat I noticed that the videos at RealMedicalVideos were watermarked by a site call Doctor Tushy. I zapped on over there and found the same content. I believe that this content is actually owned by the network and placed on various in-house sites. features only 20 videos at this point and that number will have to increase in order to make this a value worth your hard-earned cash. The site is also sadly missing photo sets. For festish fans, close-up shots of vaginal probing and thermometer insertions would be a big bonus. The video here though is good quality and can can be streamed as Flash files or taken to go as .WMV files. The best quality movies here cap out at about 640x480px.

Take a close look at some of the sexy videos here and you will also find one more fault that needs to be fixed quickly. Many of the descriptions associated with their videos are just plain off. A model might introduce herself to her doctor or sexy nurse with a name totally different than what is listed.

Maybe I am being too detail focused here. If you are here to see sexy fetish action, you won't give a hot damn about the mistakes that can be fixed easily anyway.
If you are looking for kinky niche action you will be happy to see these dirty ladies flipped over, opened wide and totally investigated like they all possibly have some sort of deadly plague that could eventually affect millions of lives. Real medical tools are used in real-looking exam rooms and that detail is a big plus.

Conclusion needs a bit of re-working and it could really use more hot content. Again, what is here is nice and all, but there should be more. You are not really buying into this network for what you see at Real Medical Videos. You are buying into a vast network of seriously freaky action that includes spanking, anal sex lessons, ass licking, forceful caning and just about every other nasty fetish that you can think of. Fetish fans rejoice!

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