Real Teen Picture Club Review

Review: February 3, 2010, by Steve
Real Teen Picture Club

Real Teen Picture Club is a site that contains picture galleries, video clips and recorded live cam shows of real teen amateurs submitted directly by members themselves. But this site doesn't allow any old crap to appear on their website as they hand-review everything that is submitted to them and only let the best quality content through. They also claim to update seven times every day, so there will be plenty for you to enjoy!


Overall rating7.3

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When you log in to the members' area you will find it to be quite well presented. The main index page contains a good list of the most recent and upcoming videos and galleries, but things can be slightly complicated by some updates being included from the bonus sites. You can jump to the bonus sites easily enough, but there was perhaps a lack of information on the site about the content. I just wonder as well whether everyone will like the fact that many of the photo galleries are collections of single pictures. Plus, there really should be some genre categorisation of the content too.

None of the image galleries on this site were available for .ZIP downloads and the sizes of the pictures varied quite considerably. The videos were a little more predictable and consistent though, but you should only expect one option on all videos. They are all available for download in .WMV format and I was disappointed to see that most of them were only sized at 320x240px. However, the site does indeed updates as many times per day as it says - in fact, it often updates more than that! comes with the promise of lots of content, and delivers - 603 photo galleries and around 200 videos. A healthy collection being supplemented very nicely by a very healthy rate of updates makes this a site that will not disappoint you in terms of how much it can offer you. But how does the content shape up? Well, it's good to hear that the site vets all of the content that is submitted to them - some sites don't even look at what they get sent, I'm sure!

It's a mixed bag though, really. But that really is par for the course on sites such as these that use home video footage - it's never likely to challenge the work of Christopher Doyle or anyone of that standard! There are some very hot girls liberally stirred into the mixture, and plenty of them to be found. The low resolution videos do become annoying after a while, and the squinting became too much for me before long.


Real Teen Picture is a competitively priced genuine amateur content site with many updates to keep you entertained, a really large archive and several pretty good bonus sites. It is almost pointless complaining that some of the content isn't very well shot because this IS an amateur site after all and should be regarded as such on all levels. I think it is good value though and competently presented amongst other things and well worth a look.

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