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Review: November 14, 2011, by ruben

According to the information listed at, what we are seeing here is Porn 2.0. If this is really the case, bring it on! This is seriously some wild technology-enhanced porn that could lead the way for other sites to follow. Porn is all about fantasy and excitement and this site makes those factors come to life by letting you control what is happening. You control the action. You make the decisions. This is amazing!


Overall rating8.8

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I had no idea how many porn sites that there were on the Internet until I got into the business of reviewing them. I must say that as a writer, I had no clue that I would wind up spending my days watching porn and explaining what I was seeing on the screen. It's not a bad gig and it certainly gets better when sites like Saboom come across my desk.

The focus here is on technology and that is obvious from the start. The design of the site is laid out in a way that makes it easy to navigate and operate. Sensitive controls and buttons are large and easy to find and everything seems to work exactly like how it is designed to work.

I am not sure about you, but I used to read "Choose Your Own Adventure" books when I was a kid. As you read through the books, you are asked to make decisions and the story follows those decisions. That is exactly what is happening here except that the space monsters have been replaced with monster cocks and the hills and valleys that you need to climb and conquer look an awful like fresh tight pussies and amazing firm breasts.

Spend some time on this site and you will find yourself wanting more and more action. It is pretty easy to get lost here and kill a few hours in one sitting. At this point, there are 49 interactive movies featured and they are all very hot. Each movie is streamed as you make the decisions and you can choose to watch the action in one of three sizes. Downloads are not available, but that makes sense with all the changes that take place.

For an even more tailored experience you can fire up the Porn Director mode and really get into the action. This is the closest that I have ever gotten to the set of a porn movie and I love it! This is high-def, smart and exciting content that I would be glad to pay for. It will be interesting to see how it develops.


Saboom is a winner. This is the sort of site that you can sit and enjoy with your wife or girlfriend or anyone else that you think might be interested in this kind of technology. The models that are featured are all very easy on the eyes, the quality is top-notch and the price seems fair for what you get. Saboom gives you the remote control and the power to make your fantasies come true.

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