School Paddling Videos Review

Review: February 10, 2010, by ruben
School Paddling Videos

What are we going to do about all these bad girls? People like Katy Perry (she kissed a girl and she liked it) and Lady GaGa seem to be promoting a culture of bad girls in the world today. Do you want your nasty babe to obey better? Do you want to break your bad girl of her bad habits? That is what is all about. Learn to make her behave the right way! These girls really should have done their homework!


Overall rating6.5

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School Paddling Videos is a new and all-exclusive site from the nasty minds over at the shiny new PornGantic network of hot narrow-focused fetish sex sites. Based on the ultra-sexy and colorful tour page, you might believe that you are about to enter some sort of brave new world where bad girls are disciplined by big ass studs and other ladies on a regular basis. That is sort of true. The problem is that there is not really an entire world of porn to view at this one particular site. For your cash, this is not the best value on the Internet if it is standing on its own. As a package deal however, the PornGantic network is actually a pretty choice offer. You will receive a key to all of the sites on the network if you subscribe to any one of them.

School Paddling Videos features 15 videos at this moment and there is no indication when they will expand this effort. The potential is here though. This is some pure nasty fetish porn that certainly satisfies if this is the kind of thing that gets you off. Download the 640x480 high-quality videos as .WMV formatted movies or stream them as Flash files. The download speed is fast and smooth and that is a plus.

One scene in particular really caught my eye at SchoolPaddlingVideos. Harley is in a world of trouble for being naughty during class so her teacher, Ms. Quinn asks her to serve detention after class. Harley ends up getting her hot ass beat hard and fast with a huge paddle while she screams in pain. Ms. Quinn is on a mission! Hair-pulling takes place also and poor Harley ends up bent over a desk with her perky ass thrust into the air. Her skirt is pulled up and her panties are pulled down and Ms. Quinn actually ends up leaving dark black and blue bruises on Harley's freshly reddened ass cheeks. This is some seriously hardcore and nasty fetish action and it left me wanting much more of it. I hope the PornGantic team has more ladies in their stable waiting to get beat as I type this!


SchoolPaddlingVideos needs more content. That is the bottom line here. Sure, I understand that PornGantic is new to the game. I get that. I understand. The thing is that the porn world anymore is absolutely huge and grows every single day. To succeed a network like PornGantic needs to pump out constant updates for us to pump to. I look forward to what could be coming soon. Meanwhile, I would give this site a try just to download from the total package of kinky fetish action.

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