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Review: June 16, 2011
14 views is an all access network site that is designed for either your home computer or your mobile phone or device. Whichever device you choose to use, you can be sure you will be able to access a great amount of videos from a source that complies content from 8 different websites. From big girls, young girls, older girls, feet, big booties, and more, there's plenty to see on the go.

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Score 2 is the best of both worlds. Although you can access this site fully from your home PC or laptop computer, you can enjoy the same exact site on the move from your mobile phone or device. Score 2 is really built for those of us on the go.

The choice is yours when it comes to browsing. In fact, for a very low price, you can enjoy the site as mobile only or you can enjoy both for an average price. The site is designed to be friendly to iPhones, iPod classics, iPod nanos, iPod touches, Playstation Portables, Windows Mobile units, Zunes, and the like. The best way to double check if your device is going to be compatible is by checking the free tour out. From there, you will be able to watch up to 5 streaming video trailers and see how it goes.

If they play and the site runs smooth, you're all set. From here, logging in is a snap and you can easily navigate from here on out. At the top and bottom (depending on your browser) will be your site jumpers. Click on any of the 8 sites to jump right to their content. There are 8 sites to enjoy all in one. They cover a pretty good array of niches. They specialize in barely legals, 40 somethings, bigger gals, amateurs, and foot and leg fetish.

There's a nice amount of videos when you count them all. There's close to 1700 videos at this time and the good news is that updates are still coming in, and frequently too. You have your choice of what to do with videos. For mobile, you can stream them in mobile friendly mp4 or wmv. They will have your specific device listed when you click on your video of choice. For your home systems, downloadable options are available too in said formats.

There are images, but they are screencaps. The good news for these are that they are pretty decent. They are taken from images that are 1280x720 but are scaled down in flash. For your home PCs, zip files are available.


Score 2 Go is a pretty good site. I like that you can browse it at home on a regular computer or on the go on your favourite mobile device. When mobile, the site will be scaled down with less banners and bells and whistles. There's a nice amount of content and they cover some good niches overall. The pricing is fair too, especially if you choose to go all mobile.

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