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Review: July 19, 2012, by Steve

Scoreland 2 is the follow-up site to the widely acclaimed, long running and massively popular site Scoreland. This site features specially selected galleries and videos from that site that are gathered together here in a remastered and repackaged format that makes them look better than ever. Scoreland editor Elliot James is in charge of this project, personally hand picking the photos and videos that he thinks you want to see again!

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There are currently 145 updates on this site, all of which contain videos and photo galleries, with around about 5 new updates made every week. I think that the presentation of this site is something they need to work on. Obviously they can rely on the quality of their product but they're not exactly making it amazingly accessible at the moment. I think they just need to make their indexes a little more user friendly, so it's not as if big changes are needed. The descriptions of the scenes are still as awesome as ever, but perhaps some information about where said scenes / galleries first appeared would have been helpful and interesting. Also, there are WAY too many ads. The entire length of the far-right of the index pages are taken up with them!

The viewing options on offer, however, are outstanding. For starters, galleries can be downloaded in medium and high quality ZIP downloads, with the best quality photos sized at 1600x1200px (1200x800px is the other size). Videos can be streamed in Flash player at both 720x480px and 1280x720px, and are also available for .WMV (640x360px and 1280x720px) and .MP4 (640x360px) download. All downloads are for full length videos, download speeds were largely good, and there are no DRM restrictions on any of the video downloads. Not all scenes are available in the HD options, however.

This latter point might be seen as quite key for some people. After all, surely the main point of is that they are presenting remastered versions of their best content - and I would therefore presume a conversion to high definition would be high on their agenda? Oh well, I guess that 'remastered' doesn't always have to mean high definition but I think some will argue otherwise. Putting this aside, I think this is a fine idea for a company that has been around long enough that some of their content deserves renewed exposure and remastering - they've been online since the 1990s! Their choices of scenes and galleries isn't arbitrary, either, they really do seem to be picking out their very best and sexiest stuff.


Some may well scoff about the fact that not all of the videos on Scoreland are as high quality as expected, but I think this is a great idea that happens to be very well executed. Sequel sites are rare but this will hopefully be a trailblazer for other adult companies out there, and at this price it's hardly as if anyone could complain about its worth. Definitely worth investigating - $10 a month is crazy for content of this quality.

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