Security Cam Chronicles Review

Review: April 8, 2015, by Steve

Security Cam Chronicles is a site that shows you what happens when hidden CCTV cameras capturing people behaving very naughty. But they're not behaving naughty in the ways that these cameras were originally set up to capture! This site doesn't have footage of people robbing banks or causing property damage. It has footage of people fucking in places where they thought they were safe to do so without being seen by anyone....

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Overall rating7.2

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The main issue that I had with the user interface here was that it was way too easy to get lost in the masses of bonus content you get here. Clicking the 'videos', 'pornstars' or 'pictures' links doesn't bring up just content from this site but all the content from this network. You should get used to it after a while, and I suppose at the very least it does make sure that it's easy to access the rest of this very large network of sites!

The video options here were ok but nothing more than that. Obviously the nature of these videos dictates that you are probably not going to find any HD quality videos here, but you can at least stream and download these videos even if the methods of doing so were rather limited to say the least. Download speeds were very good indeed though and there were no DRM restrictions on those downloads.

I'm paranoid enough as it is of going anywhere in public, so seeing a site like hardly makes me feel any better! Not that I indulge much in public sex anyway - or at least not for the last decade or so. Erm, but enough about me, how about the site? Yes, well, as these kinds of sites go it's a pretty decent one but nothing especially fantastic.

Some of the videos are more authentically voyeuristic than others, so it's probably going to be seen as a mixed bag by many people. There are some really good scenes here and you don't get pretty much the same thing in every video, which is good. Really, the main problem here is that it hasn't updated in well over a year and probably won't be changing on that front any time soon.

Amount of content: 76 videos; no photo sets on site
Update frequency: No updates since December 2013 - site no longer updated
Exclusive content: Unknown
Max video resolution: 720x480px
Video types: Flash, WMV and MP4 (stream and download)
Photo resolution: Not applicable
Available for mobile: No


There are no major surprises with Security Cam and it really does pretty much as you would expect. The collection is of a decent size but will ultimately be hindered by the lack of updates since the end of 2013. The videos are quite good though but, as is often the case with sites coming from a large network, it is that network that you will get most of your money's worth from.

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