See Mom Suck Review

Review: February 6, 2017
See Mom Suck

It's like a porn version of "Take your Daughter to Work" day at See Moms Suck. This hardcore site focuses on a few specific and pretty cool themes. You're going to see MILFs, teens, and blow jobs here. It's a pretty narrow batch of setups, but they're really well done, the idea is nifty, the talent is good, and the action is hot. Throw in a simple and usable navigation system, and things get really interesting!


Overall rating7.6

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If you've ever wondered what it might be like if your girlfriend's mom walked in while your girlfriend was giving you a blow job, then you've found your answer at See Mom This site takes that premise and does a nice job with it.

The first thing that's notable is that premise. The site consists solely of video/photo scenes around it (with exactly 100 of them as of this review). A typical scene consists of a late teens/early 20 girl and her boyfriend getting raunchy with some blow job action. Suddenly "mom" walks in, with a mix of surprised indignance, offense, or the like, scolding them both. Soon enough, however, mom is also on her knees showing "daughter" how things are done.

So of course it's all scripted, and acted by porn stars, but it's easy to suspend disbelief here, and the premise works well. The performers do a nice job with the action. It's also nicely cast, with a good collection of "moms" matched with some interesting "daughters."

The production values are also good, with a sort of video quality that makes the content seem more genuine.

The site's user interface is very simple. This makes the site pretty easy to use, although that's aided by the content. There's only one niche here, so a lot of sorting and searching isn't really necessary. There are some basic tools, just enough to make your way around. One nice feature that I always appreciate is the model index.

Once you've found something you want to check out, the viewing options include an in-browser viewer, along with video downloads in parts or whole in mp4. Resolution maxes out at 1080p, although streams are a little less crisp than that (but still good). Photos accompany each scene and are zipped for easy download.

One last note-membership provides access to bonus videos, plus a pretty big batch of network sites.

Amount of content: 100 video & photo scenes
Update frequency: Weekly
Exclusive content: Yes
Max video resolution: 1080p
Video types: mp4
Photo resolution: 800x600 pixels
Available for mobile: Accessible from PCs, tablets, smartphones, & PS3s


See Moms Suck is a fun site with a titillating concept that most guys have always dreamed of; getting a blow job from your girlfriend and her super hot mom. The nice thing is, at this site, those babes have been selected to maximize the fantasy. The production values are good, the user interface makes things really workable, and the viewing options are solid. Add in the bonuses, and I think this one is worth checking out if the premise appeals to you.

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