Selina 4 You Review

Review: January 24, 2008, by Gabrio
Selina 4 You

Yet another brunette, it looks like today we are going dark again....Selina4You is a petite hottie with a tight body and perky tits that wants you to watch her; on the tour of her site there are not many samples, I must say that, so the only way for knowing if this site is any good is by checking the members area, so make sure to read the full review below!!


Overall rating7

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Selina wants you to watch her and in order to do that you only have to scroll down the main page of the tour and click on Members...within a few seconds the main page loaded up and the main page of the site looks really basic, there are some big thumbnails which are linked to the full size images, and you will see both her own images together with the photos of her cute girl friends going naked. If you scroll down the page, you are going to find other links, one goes to the Videos page and the other is for the Story, if you link on that one, you will get a new pop up window which tells you everything about Selina, how she started with her site and all that, I can see that she started thanks to her girl friend Emily for example and then if you want to know all the rest, you will have to read for yourself!

After that I headed to the Videos page and you have only 5 videos there, where you can see her teasing for the camera and showing off her sexy body....I checked out some videos with her and in those clips you will see her going entirely naked and moving in a sexy way; she has a tight teen body with some very small tits and a good ass. The video clips are in .avi format which is not the best option in my opinion since the videos do not work in streaming therefore you will have to download all videos on your hard disk or wait until Windows Media Player has finished downloading them in a temp file and then they will start showing up.

I turned back to the previous page and I checked out some photo galleries, they are mixed and you find some nude ones mixed with other lingerie galleries and she seems to have lots of fun during the shots from what I can see. The galleries do not have that many photos unfortunately. When you are done make sure to check out the friend sites!


Selina 4 is a very simple site where you will find just photos and videos with Selina, which is a teen girl with a petite body; the quality of the content is pretty good and in the end you will like her if you enjoy watching this kind of girls. With this membership, if you have chosen to get the Membership for the other sites too, you will be able to check out her girl friends too, keep that in mind and have fun!

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