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Review: March 31, 2008, by Gabrio
Sex Play Cam

If you are bored with the usual paysites and need something more active, then I can suggest you this website Sex Play which is basically a community with cams, if you read the main page of the tour you will see that they define it a "xxx videochat portal" - and they have several profiles for all the people that are signed up there. Other than that, you have a search interface which lets you lookup for guys or girls according to your zip code.


Overall rating7

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After typing in my logins, I have been taken to the main page of the members area and now the fun will begin! The site has a nice layout with several features and menus, you can see the featured members and who is closer to you as well, in a pretty easy interface overall. I clicked one of the girls that were there, supposedly to be close to me, but they were in Canada, so not that close if you ask me! Then I clicked the link located at the top for VideoChat and that one opens up yet a new page where you have different options, for a flash chat or a regular chat eventually.

I have clicked the first link for the Flash Chat and in a few seconds I was taken to a page with the Live Videochat Rooms and I entered a room where they were playing Texas Hold'Em know, I am a player :-) then I have launched the page but it seems that my account needs to be upgraded in order to let me play, too bad!! Then I tried logging to this Personal Chat Channel but then again I got a warning message that was telling me that I need to upgrade my account in order to use that feature.

Even by using the other links present all around the website, I was not able to see any video chat at all, actually you see a sort of preview of all the contents and the girls but that's about it. I clicked Hot List next from the top of the page and the girls there were all super hot but the same problem that I described above came up. They also give you some poker credits that you can use during the game. There is a section with bonus contents where you are going to find a section with hardcore videos and other goodies. Other than that you have home videos, erotic stories, sex guides and other advertisements and fun stuff in general so make sure you keep on checking out all the sections of the site.


Summing up, I was pretty excited when I was about to write down the review of but since I wasn't able to check out any video chat at all, then I was a bit disappointed and I just had to stick there and went around the site for checking out what they potentially have there. The layout of the site is organized pretty well and it's clean....

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